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Title: Lovely, Wonderful Thoughts
Pairing(s): Eh. Gen. Maybe Ohno/Nino if those goggle are on.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Nuh-uh!
Word count: ~1,600-ish
Warnings: Crack and no plot
Summary: Ohno is Peter Pan, Nino is Tinkerbell and Aiba is giggling. What it says on the tin!
Author's Notes: I blame [livejournal.com profile] walking_orgy for this. You should, too. NIKA IT'S YOUR FAULT SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO. She said "Tinkerneen" and I said "okay". I'm glad you keep being amused by it, though xD Artistic license has been taken, rudely so. Bastardizing Peter Pan, I'm so ashamed. It's silly. Really silly and stupid. Did I mention there's no plot? There isn't. It's also short for once, even though it was intended to be 200 words. I fail.

Pausing just before knocking, Sho and Jun exchange a glance.  )
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This is the kind of post that only happens when I'm ill because a) I'm indisposed of doing anything productive with writing since my brain is mush, b) I'm not indisposed enough, which leads to c) I have too much free time recovering so I lurk around lj too much.

So, because I lurk around too much, I've done a friends cut, since, eh, there were a lot of people I haven't exchanged words with since friending happened? Or we just haven't spoken in a really long time? I'm so sorry, but. Sorry? No hard feelings? If you feel like I'm a stupid, stupid thing because d'uh, we talk all the time, please tell me in a nice and friendly manner?

And now with the unpleasantness being over I'll go to the complete and utter randomness of my life since the last proper update in January where I also was down with the flu. I'm sensing a pattern here. )
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Because if proof is needed of the Power of Ohno, just listen to him make Jun sound good.

And the *cutest* concert perf ever, just listen to those gorgeous harmonies, ugh, Ohno, never stop your flawlessness.
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This is how I screencap:

Have music or concert in one player. Have the video I screencap on mute in vlc.

And this happens. I can't even. Transformation then and now.

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It's astounding how every time I declare that I'm alive and kicking I disappear. Oops?

I've been down with the flu, though /hides behind excuse. No, really. It sucks, I'm terrible at being ill, I go stir crazy the moment the choice of being indoors or not is taken from me. I mean, laziness in general is kind of difficult for me to reconcile with my constant need to be doing something, whether it's writing or something else, but I'm getting better at it, I swear. I really just prefer having the choice, is that really too much to ask? I'm just about over it now, so, all good!

Work has been really hectic and weird and scary for the past two weeks, a lot of thefts have been happening, and let me just tell you that it's not fun in any interpretation of that word to be present while that is going on. So, iPads, phones, Apple TV, a lot of stuff have been stolen. Ugh.

So yeah. Other than working as many shifts as I've been offered this January, I've passed my exams and I've been going with my trainer a lot to help her out with the horses, which is amazing and exhausting and. I really like it, the feeling of being physically exhausted, plus I get to spend time with her, which is always all kinds of hilarious and amazing. It also seems that all my friends decide to have various degrees of meltdowns in January, which is fine with me since I have better time now than when classes start up again in February, but oh my god, so much drama.

I've also gotten the go ahead to start running again YES YES YES /cheer

Fandom wise. Well, not much is happening lately, is there? I mean, Arafes is still amazing, but otherwise? The European Fanmeet in August, though = EXCITE. It's going to be amazing, I have very high expectations for the truly tremendous amount of fangirling that will happen during those days. Nothing else, I'm afraid. J-Popcon in March, I'm working on my costumes, it will be glorious, I'm not kidding. I watched the Kurt edit of last night's Glee and I ship Kurt/Adam like mad, seriously, Adam made him giggle and feel good about himself = instant win in my book. Sadly it won't be happening for more than a few episodes, Damn you, Glee. Why can't I seem to quit you? Kurt, that's why.

But Arashi, yes, I am having an insane amount of Arashi feels lately, I blame Arafes. Intense Arashi feels, intense Ohno feels and these days, very intense Nino feels. Need to rewatch this concert forever and ever. Amen. It has made me finish Muses piece 11 (YAAAY) and I am having a lot of plots floating around in my head to boot. Woe be to everyone but especially the boys. I'm not even sorry, I just have a lot of words and a lot of feels, which in this case is an explosive combination mwahahaha.

Which more or less segues into my really huge project of posting all my work on AO3, and I am already weeping like crazy at the amounf of work - which, a lot of it is because I'm a fucker who doesn't like to make things easy for myself: A lot of the corrections that I find in the fics after they've been posted, I only edit in the posts themselves, which means that the documents themselves have the incomplete versions. Sigh. I will figure it out.

Lastly! Do I know any really awesome artists here that have a way with calligraphy and kanji?

I am going to put up a post one of these days about writing, some specific things in writing that I hope people will want to put their two cents in to, it would be really really awesome.

I miss talking to you all, I will do my best! I am leaving off this time with zomg awesome videos.

Toodles <3<3<3

Because this choreography is insanely clever and needs to be praised forever:

And this is all kinds of awesome because Face Down. FACE DOWN.

/rolls to bed
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Will be getting back to *everyone* on Tuesday after my final exam! /CLINGS TO EVERYONE

Today Gati and I watched Arafes and along with *insane* amounts of swearing, the experience of three hours of intense fangirling can be summed up into:

- *OHNO*

Aka the time we started singing "Never mind we'll never find someone like you" and decided that if you're not a blubbering mess, red faced and eyes red from crying? Watching concerts: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. It's science understanding our complicated emotional state when we love them so much we hate them.

In other words, Arafes is the best concert they've ever done and it was worth the wait and slkdsfhskf Gati ♥ (I will need to dedicate an entire post to just how insanely clever Ohno's Tokei Jikake no Umbrella choreography was, holy fuck.) Also, Jun is Arashi's biggest fan, and nothing you can say or do can convince me otherwise.
/tinhatting OT5 forever.

I will screencap the fuck out of this concert.

Everything is Arashi and NOTHING HURTS AND I LOVE EVERYONE ♥♥♥♥♥

(Will try to be more coherent when screencaps come up xD)
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Some of the things I'm probably going to do and say if I ever meet Arashi:

- pass out
- forget how to words
- squeal in such a high voice that only bats and dogs can hear it
- "Ohno-san, can I roll around in your hair?"
- "OMG AIBA-SAN YOU'RE SO PWETTY ;;__;; /wibble"
- make some more dying whale noises
- fall on my ass
- "Really, Matsumoto-san. Mascara. REALLY?"
- creepily try to pet Ohno's hands
- creepily try to pet Ohno
- "Ohno-san, you're so pretty and awesome and I kind of love you and you're awesome did I tell you that and I can't lksdjskhdjgkjzsevskdsfsfssl"
- get carried out of the room by medics

Also - as per usual, this journal is officially a SPOILER FREE ZONE FOR ARAFES DVD. Especially when if it leaks before the release date. I'm probably getting my copy in January, so after that, I will flail the appropriate amount. Please don't spoil me and play nice <3

/hugs <3
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I have successfully survived a marathon of writing three assignments, going to work and actually managing to have a life. I can't even. Met up with a friend on Tuesday because I seriously needed to do something else than staring at my computer. Was much needed, and she decided the pink tips Gati's mom did on my hair needed to be strengthened, so I now have very pink tips again. I've been running on too little sleep and too much caffeine for almost a week now, so after work yesterday, I crashed rather spectacularly.

I wake up to a text from Gati that Arafes is up for preorder, why does this always happen when I happen to be asleep? I did get First Press from Cdjapan, though, so I'm totally okay with that <3 Also sfzlugfdjhfjdfdjk GAMMICK GAME LIVE. I am so on board with that, finally we got you, Neen. And Rain just with Ohno and no back up dancers? This is going according to my plan. Popcorn goods look good, but none of them really screams at me. Might get a clearfile if I can be bothered. We'll see!

A huge thank you to [livejournal.com profile] i_am_zan for the pretty card and the lovely, lovely words, it made me seriously, really happy, so thank you so much <3 I love snail mail, okay? <3
[livejournal.com profile] walking_orgy: I am working on it, uploading as we speak! I have not dropped any colorful commentary as probably you'd better listen and get your own impressions, yeah, no matter how much I'd like to shove my (clearly) unbiased opinions on you xD I also suck, I saw your comments last night after work, but yeah, collapsed, so. It was even a chance of catching you somewhat real time, but damn. Next time? <3

You all need to buy Lana Del Rey's new Paradise Edition because reasons. No, seriously, it's brilliant, I've been listening non-stop since it got out on Monday, IT'S SO GOOD. Body Electric is perfection, she sings it like she's aching, Bel Air and American are phenomenal, my god. Listen, it's fantastic. It's also really motivational, apparently, since I managed to finish my assignments almost three days before deadline, so. I thought Born To Die was the best album release for me this year, but apparently, Lana can only best herself, so the Paradise Edition easily shoves Born To Die down. If I hadn't already songficced the crap out of Born To Die, I'd do it again despite my raging hate for songfics. I can't words.

Anyway! Besides ordering Arafes, I have actually nothing to do today besides the cinema later with my trainer. We're going to watch... Breaking Dawn pt. 2. I know, I know. Seeing as I have only watched the first movie and read half of the first book, this shall probably be amusing. I have little to no idea what's happening in between, but internet assures me I'm better off without knowing. Anyway, she asked if I wanted to go with her, and it's been a long time since we've spent some quality time together, so it'll be good, even if I'm watching Twilight. /shrugs. I survived reading Fifty Shades, I can survive this.

I suppose I should now read my email, I haven't checked it since the weekend, so. I hope nothing truly groundbreaking was happening while I was assignment writing like a pro.

I also hope I can get some writing done now. My fingers are itching to write.

Please update me on your lives, lovely flist <3
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Hello hello, you lovely lot! My goodness, life is skjdhshfkjshk, approximately. Have had some really long days at uni this week (including ditching class to watch Brave /slaps wrist), work and a ton of other stuff that just piles up. I'm heading into a weekend busy with work work work and more work, I have to be at the stables at 8 both Saturday and Sunday to let out the horses (I'm weeping, I thought I was done with being at the stables at that time of the day, weeping, okay?) and I want to watch Formula 1 (from Japan!) and. The days are several hours short.

But it's not all stressful, fret not. I've been baking a really effing lot and I've been widening my horizon and tried out a ton of new recipes, and for the most part, it's been going really well. If you're dying to share recipes, I'm all ears, just saying.

Fandom wise, I haven't been writing spectacularly much. Part 9 of Muses is finished, however. Part 10 is almost finished. I'm working on some other projects, including one of the really overused clichés in fandom, probably only below the amnesia trope. /sweatdrop.

Just a quick question to all: which clichés are the most cliché in fandoms?

And I've pre-ordered Popcorn, flailed an absurd amount over Arafes even though I can't take the name seriously. I've been diving face first straight back into Tokio Hotel fandom, it's been ages since I've been listening so much to them and it's. Phenomenal. And I really really miss TH pre 2009, but oh well. I can roll around forever and happily in the music they made then, it's fine with me. If I occasionally wish Bill would still look like he did in 2007, well, we all have our unreasonable wishes, don't we? Still. So damn lovely. Will watch concerts with BFF and cry a bit. (Edit: Sobbing at Geisterfahrer and Spring Nicht)

I will also need to rewatch TIME concert because the lovely [livejournal.com profile] bulkyass was kind enough to flail all over twitter about it the other day, so now I just want to watch it again again again again.That is, when I've paused my stint back in TH, I will watch it. I'm also simultaneously gearing up for Patrick Wolf's new album, Sundark & Riverlight, and I absolutely refuse to download it, I know it's online somewhere, but I'm waiting for my physical copy to arrive, damn it, see I'm being a responsible fangirl for once?

You will all also have to worship Flawless Queen Adele for her James Bond theme Skyfall, (bought it, love it, will probably build an altar to it, just watch me) and oh my goodness, new Lana Del Rey album in November? I am so on board with that. If we're getting a proper version of Serial Killer I might actually faint from goodness. Yes, really.

Had a long talk with a long-distant friend last week, which was really pretty phenomenal, such a fantastic experience, really. We talked a lot about writing, which was something I realized later that I had needed to, because she doesn't know me, anymore, she doesn't know how I write, what I write for and why I write. And it was pretty amazing to just speak about my writing and she doesn't know what I put into the characters and why they feel the way they do. It was very humbling and freeing, somehow both at once. Very difficult to explain, but trust me when I say it was just that.

At the end of this, I'll just leave you with this and I will go write a bit.

Tchüss <3
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And so is my friend:

Asa: I can't get the shading right, fuck it
Rikke: What are you doing?
Asa: ...smudging with my finger?
Rikke: asjdghcsfhsggjs
Rikke: sdjfsgfcsgdfcgshds
Rikke: What what what r u srs
Asa: is that wrong?
Rikke: /sad. Please don't use your fingers for smudging the pencil
Asa: is that a cardinal rule?
Asa: whoa. then what
Asa: oh that stub?
Rikke: yes, thank you
Asa: weirdo

In other news, I've been in fandom long enough to be around for all Arashi's 24hr Television appearances. Hot damn.
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Forever loving Refrain to bits and pieces. Just one of those days where I really can't stop listening to it. The layers of the chorus, Sho and Aiba's lines especially, just. The lyrics, they just do things to my heart ;;__;;

And besides that, I've been listening a lot to Boku no Miteiru Fuukei, and I've just fallen in love all over again. That was such a good album. (Dancing along to Come Back To Me is just lsdkcjsfhjshfsdjh xD)

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Because I am cramming into the night and I need all the awesome right now.

Oh, Ohno. Crawl into my heart and stay forever. /creepiness end.
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Halfway (and maybe a bit more, it's running away a bit from me) through finishing part six of Muses, it's coming along slow since I'm cramming for exam as well, but it's seriously keeping me sane, oh my god, stupid effing exams, it makes my brain slow, and I'm running on a mixture of exhaustion, red bull and coffee, which, I realize, is probably not the healthiest cocktail I've ever downed, but whatever. God, what a run on sentence. Definitely tired.

I want, not necessarily in this particular order:
- time to sleep
- time to write
- more time to write
- time to watch Beautiful World DVD
- time to get a new tattoo
- new nails (or new nail polish, I'm not picky)
- someone to write me fic
- a magical lamp so I can get three wishes, just because.

Priorities, I has them.

Wall of text ahead, Ohno flailing, tl;dr entry, yes, read at own risk, also a several calls for help, because apparently I've misplaced my memory. )
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And you all know what that means, right.


Spammer time. )
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In other words, we watched TIME yesterday and laughed with/at Jun, take your pick.

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And one of the rare Ohno pictures - still not unflattering, but w/e.

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Now with Gati YAAAAAY!

Now, emoting-to.the-point-of-pain!Nino

And now you'll have a muh more intimate knowledge of Jun's mouth than you ever wanted, I'm not even sorry. Gati insists it doesn't count as an unflattering cap, but I digress.

Som I'm compensating slightly with more Himitsu!Nino:


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