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Oh, he looks like Peter Pan, so lovely, so damn charming.

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Now with that out of the way, hello! How are you all? I'm back from Brussels (and Paris!!)! and straight back into busy everyday life, but. Gati. Brussels. Paris! Had such a great week with Gati and her family and. Still processing? I also have pink hair now and incredibly colorful nails. /blissful sigh

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On the couch in the night with a cup of tea and my computer. Listening obssessively to Patrick Wolf and so so so excited for the concert with Gati in October, no words, getting to share that incredible experience with soulmate is just. No words.

I am obssessed with this song all over again. Sing the chorus with me?

So let seasons turn, grow paradise garden, into my migration, the native has returned...

Lupercalia today, Wind In The Wires tomorrow.

Sleep tight, flist ♥
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I am the victim
And the murderer
You speak of love
But I've never heard of her

I am fucked
And I am fucking too

My name is Tristan
And I am alive

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So I know it comes as a complete shock to absolutely no one when I say that I breathe music sometimes. And I also know that I've linked to this song approximately 7682364723645 times (accurate number is accurate, yo), but seriously you guys, don't you have songs that make you positively ache with it, for no other reason than they just do? And I'm not talking about Adele's songs because jesus, those songs make everyone ache, but the ones that you want to take with you everywhere (in my case, want to tattoo them into my skin) and sometimes you don't want to listen because you know how they make you feel, and sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad, sometimes they make things better but they can also make things a million times worse?

This song, my god. It's recorded from the concert I went to in November last year, and I just hurt with it when he sings: "In need of help, I came to your door" and "Build your castle, stop collecting stones, and the river bed shall not be your home" and even worse (and better, my god), when he goes into the chorus with the imploring, hurting, painful, "To the lighthouse, my friend, just go, just go," and just. Everything about this song is perfection, even the parts I don't like, they manage to make the song even better. The haunting violin and viola, the insisting percussion in contrast to the almost silence sometimes is enough to batter me blue and yellow. The way the song is never quite the same, the words are not the same, the chorus changes, it's not just a song.

(Also, it's a really not so subtle nod to one Ms. Woolf.)

So here it is, link no. (approx) 7682364723646:

Do you have those songs? And which?

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I literally have no words for the concert last night. It was so far beyond any concert I've ever been to before.

Patrick Wolf's voice is so wild and raw and so damn effortless. Nothing in the world is as intense as Armistice live.

I met him at the meet and greet before the concert, and holy crap, I didn't know he was that freakishly tall, but he was super nice and cuddly in his sweater and lskfhdsfhkjshf no words. Got my picture taken with him and signed my copy of Lupercalia ♥ Might have squealed a bit when he let go of me, who knows xD

Now, we all now my failtastic memory, so I can't remember the rest of the exact order, but I do remember all the tracks because I wrote it down first thing when I came out of the venue I am that awesome.

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On that note, I'm so ready to tackle three days of intense J-popcon. Now I just need to pack and shower, and then I'll resurface at some point on Monday. Take care, loves!


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