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It's astounding how every time I declare that I'm alive and kicking I disappear. Oops?

I've been down with the flu, though /hides behind excuse. No, really. It sucks, I'm terrible at being ill, I go stir crazy the moment the choice of being indoors or not is taken from me. I mean, laziness in general is kind of difficult for me to reconcile with my constant need to be doing something, whether it's writing or something else, but I'm getting better at it, I swear. I really just prefer having the choice, is that really too much to ask? I'm just about over it now, so, all good!

Work has been really hectic and weird and scary for the past two weeks, a lot of thefts have been happening, and let me just tell you that it's not fun in any interpretation of that word to be present while that is going on. So, iPads, phones, Apple TV, a lot of stuff have been stolen. Ugh.

So yeah. Other than working as many shifts as I've been offered this January, I've passed my exams and I've been going with my trainer a lot to help her out with the horses, which is amazing and exhausting and. I really like it, the feeling of being physically exhausted, plus I get to spend time with her, which is always all kinds of hilarious and amazing. It also seems that all my friends decide to have various degrees of meltdowns in January, which is fine with me since I have better time now than when classes start up again in February, but oh my god, so much drama.

I've also gotten the go ahead to start running again YES YES YES /cheer

Fandom wise. Well, not much is happening lately, is there? I mean, Arafes is still amazing, but otherwise? The European Fanmeet in August, though = EXCITE. It's going to be amazing, I have very high expectations for the truly tremendous amount of fangirling that will happen during those days. Nothing else, I'm afraid. J-Popcon in March, I'm working on my costumes, it will be glorious, I'm not kidding. I watched the Kurt edit of last night's Glee and I ship Kurt/Adam like mad, seriously, Adam made him giggle and feel good about himself = instant win in my book. Sadly it won't be happening for more than a few episodes, Damn you, Glee. Why can't I seem to quit you? Kurt, that's why.

But Arashi, yes, I am having an insane amount of Arashi feels lately, I blame Arafes. Intense Arashi feels, intense Ohno feels and these days, very intense Nino feels. Need to rewatch this concert forever and ever. Amen. It has made me finish Muses piece 11 (YAAAY) and I am having a lot of plots floating around in my head to boot. Woe be to everyone but especially the boys. I'm not even sorry, I just have a lot of words and a lot of feels, which in this case is an explosive combination mwahahaha.

Which more or less segues into my really huge project of posting all my work on AO3, and I am already weeping like crazy at the amounf of work - which, a lot of it is because I'm a fucker who doesn't like to make things easy for myself: A lot of the corrections that I find in the fics after they've been posted, I only edit in the posts themselves, which means that the documents themselves have the incomplete versions. Sigh. I will figure it out.

Lastly! Do I know any really awesome artists here that have a way with calligraphy and kanji?

I am going to put up a post one of these days about writing, some specific things in writing that I hope people will want to put their two cents in to, it would be really really awesome.

I miss talking to you all, I will do my best! I am leaving off this time with zomg awesome videos.

Toodles <3<3<3

Because this choreography is insanely clever and needs to be praised forever:

And this is all kinds of awesome because Face Down. FACE DOWN.

/rolls to bed
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Title: Damaris
Pairing(s): Kurt/Blaine
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Nuh-uh!
Word count: ~2,800
Summary: AU. The gypsies come to town on Solstice and Blaine watches them dance.
Author's Notes: I actually started and finished a fic in a day, wooo! More notes after cut.

He dances barefoot on Solstice. )
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Proper update from yesterday's and today's Unflattering Arashi April later, but I was busy with, uh, forgetting.

And more more more. Updates as per usual on real life, writing and fandoms. )
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Leroy and Hiram Berry. They are saving Glee, perfect parents are perfect.

*crying of laughter*

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I have precisely ONE thing to say about the new episode of Glee.


That's all.

/goes back to cramming
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Randomly, I just heard an interview with Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, and the hilarious thing is that she still speaks Danish with Australian accent, but what's even more hilarious is that she now speaks English with a Danish accent. Oh man, she just can't win, can she?

Anyway, I'm actually just going to discuss some writing and some potential plotlines, feel free to chip in and lemme know your two cents.

In which there's far too much potential for no life at all if I have to write everything both Arashi and Glee. )
Toodles ♥
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I'm really, really trying my best to keep my head screwed on right, but OMG PATRICK WOLF CONCERT TONIGHT I CAN'T BREATHE and I really should try and reign it all in, because I really need to talk about ep 3x05 of Glee. And yes, it will be about Klaine, mostly, because I am way too emotionally invested in a fictional gay couple.

Comes in bulletpoints. Maybe. Huh, who am I kidding. Prepare for a fricking wall of text. )

Over and out and flailing about Patrick Wolf /flails
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This might be spoilery for everyone non-spoiled for ep 3x05 of Glee.

Fandom is imploding over the impending episode of Glee, but all I can think of is:

Oh man, Darren having to get rid of his chest hair is practically jossing all fics until now.


/goes back to doing actual studious reading
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I won meet and greet with Patrick Wolf.

It totally bears repeating, so: I WON MEET AND GREET WITH PATRICK WOLF. 

Holy fuck, I'm going to be the flailiest flailer that ever flailed on Thursday. Oh my poor heart, how am I going to survive this? I'm going to get my albums signed and askdsjhfsdhfks. There's just no way.

Also, there might be direct correlation between me making everyone suffer in fics and what happens to me, just saying.

I also texted Gati this morning while on painkillers, and the result was hilarious. Crabby Gati is adorable <3

In which Rikke tells about her stint at the ER and about a shit ton of fandoms. No, really. And there will be extreme spoilers for ep 3x05 of Glee (and INTENSE/pathetic fangirling), so enter at your own risk. )
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I got extra early this morning so I could watch the new season of Glee. This episode is better than all of Season 2 combined.

I have taken mainly three things with me from this episode this first watch through.

The spoilerest spoilers to ever spoiler. WITH COMPLIMENTARY CAP SPAM. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO. )
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So I just finished a msn convo with my long estranged beta, R, yes, the ruthless, brutal one, and oh my god. He hasn't read my fics since before I delurked in Arashi fandom in...2008, and he told me he'd been skimming them recently, and he perfectly pinned down how I've been feeling about my writing for the past, uh, year, actually.

He said: "Rikke, your writing has improved, since."

I said: "Thank god."

He said: "Hey now. Your attention for details has gone up but also down, and I know that doesn't make sense to you at all right now, but that's okay. You'll understand. What really gets to me is, however, that your writing feels moody in a way it never was before. I don't know if you've been heartbroken since, or if you've fallen in love, or if you've lost someone, but your words are moody."

And okay, that wasn't really what I was expecting. I don't know what I was expecting, but that certainly wasn't it, and it just leaves me a bit off kilter, because I haven't actually really spoken to him since he moved and got a new job and a wife and stuff, and then he just comes waltzing in from the left and words how I've felt about my fics.

They are moody. I don't know why I never pinpointed that myself, it's not like I don't spend a lot of time thinking about my fics, but, uh.

Anyway, topic change, I don't care if you're not in Glee fandom, if you don't ship Klaine in the slightest, but THIS IS THE GREATEST FIC OF ALL TIME. Beats every single fic in any fandom out of the water by a mile. I'm still completely mindblown and I'm trying to word a comment that will accurately tell the author just how much I love this fic without sounding like a complete moron. Go read it and shower the author in love and rainbows. Make that Klainebows.

I'll go take care of horsy and then I'll be back to do something vaguely fic-ish. The suspense is killing you HUH.


Aug. 30th, 2011 06:53 pm
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I have ordered a Keep Calm and Warble On t-shirt, and I HAVE NO REGRETS. (And when I told BFF, she returned with "Just love~" and I knew there was a reason I love her so damn much.) I also chose Dalton colors DON'T JUDGE ME.

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If you haven't watched the season finale of Glee and don't want to be spoiled, don't click.

I am going to sum my love for Klaine up in three sentences. (and also spoil the ending LOL)

Klaine is so canon and endgame it HURTS. )



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