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I have successfully survived a marathon of writing three assignments, going to work and actually managing to have a life. I can't even. Met up with a friend on Tuesday because I seriously needed to do something else than staring at my computer. Was much needed, and she decided the pink tips Gati's mom did on my hair needed to be strengthened, so I now have very pink tips again. I've been running on too little sleep and too much caffeine for almost a week now, so after work yesterday, I crashed rather spectacularly.

I wake up to a text from Gati that Arafes is up for preorder, why does this always happen when I happen to be asleep? I did get First Press from Cdjapan, though, so I'm totally okay with that <3 Also sfzlugfdjhfjdfdjk GAMMICK GAME LIVE. I am so on board with that, finally we got you, Neen. And Rain just with Ohno and no back up dancers? This is going according to my plan. Popcorn goods look good, but none of them really screams at me. Might get a clearfile if I can be bothered. We'll see!

A huge thank you to [livejournal.com profile] i_am_zan for the pretty card and the lovely, lovely words, it made me seriously, really happy, so thank you so much <3 I love snail mail, okay? <3
[livejournal.com profile] walking_orgy: I am working on it, uploading as we speak! I have not dropped any colorful commentary as probably you'd better listen and get your own impressions, yeah, no matter how much I'd like to shove my (clearly) unbiased opinions on you xD I also suck, I saw your comments last night after work, but yeah, collapsed, so. It was even a chance of catching you somewhat real time, but damn. Next time? <3

You all need to buy Lana Del Rey's new Paradise Edition because reasons. No, seriously, it's brilliant, I've been listening non-stop since it got out on Monday, IT'S SO GOOD. Body Electric is perfection, she sings it like she's aching, Bel Air and American are phenomenal, my god. Listen, it's fantastic. It's also really motivational, apparently, since I managed to finish my assignments almost three days before deadline, so. I thought Born To Die was the best album release for me this year, but apparently, Lana can only best herself, so the Paradise Edition easily shoves Born To Die down. If I hadn't already songficced the crap out of Born To Die, I'd do it again despite my raging hate for songfics. I can't words.

Anyway! Besides ordering Arafes, I have actually nothing to do today besides the cinema later with my trainer. We're going to watch... Breaking Dawn pt. 2. I know, I know. Seeing as I have only watched the first movie and read half of the first book, this shall probably be amusing. I have little to no idea what's happening in between, but internet assures me I'm better off without knowing. Anyway, she asked if I wanted to go with her, and it's been a long time since we've spent some quality time together, so it'll be good, even if I'm watching Twilight. /shrugs. I survived reading Fifty Shades, I can survive this.

I suppose I should now read my email, I haven't checked it since the weekend, so. I hope nothing truly groundbreaking was happening while I was assignment writing like a pro.

I also hope I can get some writing done now. My fingers are itching to write.

Please update me on your lives, lovely flist <3
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Okay, can I just say that I feel absolutely pathetic and that watching Bring It On all night isn't the smartest thing to do? It ended up with me dreaming of Arashi as cheerleaders, and not the kind they do in G no Arashi, but serious Bring It On!Kirsten Dunst-cheerleaders, With Ohno as, you guessed it, Captain. And I want to write it, dammit, except the fact that my head feels as if it's been stuffed with cotton.
I have nothing better to post, so here's a helluvalot of drabbles I've written for various people, mostly while I've been midnight spamming with Kyon. I promised I wouldn't throw them out, so here they are. Beware, they got progressively dirtier as the nights wore on xD

And the customary - I hate lj and cuts and they hate me. Done.

Pairing: Ohmiya in different shapes and sizes
Rating: G to NC-17
Disclaimer: Do. Not. Own. Unforunately.
Wordcount: 100 each

For Kyon:

Prompt: Ohno nuzzling Nino’s neck )Prompt: Ohno wrapping his arms around Nino’s waist )Prompt: Ohmiya eating spaghetti )Prompt: Ryo/Kouichi – Bandages )Prompt: Licking )

Prompt: Nino or Ohno in leather )

Prompt: Doing it to the beat of music )

Prompt: Nino in glasses )

Prompt: Nino getting cat ears and a tail )

Prompt: Maid )

Prompt: Tight pants )
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Title: Pianissimo Butterfly, Part Two
Pairing(s): Ohmiya
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Do. Not. Own. Unfortunately.
Wordcount: 11,854
Summary: Nino's assigment of watching over and protecting one Ohno Satoshi should have been easy. It wasn't.
Prompt: Real Magic User AU. Do not confuse this with an invitation for a Harry Potter crossover xD
Author's notes: My entry for the Ohmiya challenge. A huge thank you to Kyon for midnight-reading it over for me <3 

And here's part two because lj sucks D: )


Jan. 20th, 2009 10:23 pm
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Sorry, everyone, last one for today D:

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[info]anachan87 gave me a B.

1. BLUE by Utada Hikaru
2. Brücke by Ich + Ich
3. Beautiful Days by  Arashi
4. Binario 4 by Alex Baroni
5. Book Of Days by Enya


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Okay, I'm getting tagged a lot lately and since lj hates my guts I suck badly at organising , I'll do one at a time.
(Sorry everyone D:)

Okay, tagged by the lovely [info]kanesu:

1. Go to the fourth folder where you store your pictures.
2. Find the fourth picture and post it.
3. Explain why you saved it.
4. Tag four others to do the same.


Pictuuuuuure. )

And I'm tagging these four lovely peeps:
Deb at elfie,
[info]cilll ,


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This is mine. )

Secondly, with the risk of sounding as a huge bitch;
I love making new friends, don't think I don't. BUT.
A lot of people have been adding me recently, and I won't add you back unless we've actually had a conversation.
"OMG UR FICS RULZ PLZ ADD ME" doesn't count, I'm afraid.
-I'm boring, mean, sarcastic and hopelessly behind everything at all times.
If this hasn't scared you off, let's try and talk a bit, okay?


And thirdly;
I think I revealed to some of you that I'm blonde.

I wasn't kidding. )

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The weekend has flown by, oh my, I didn't even notice! I've been so busy, yet again. I wonder when I get the time to sleep.

And I've promised dear Suvi a few German songs, so I'm sharing a few, along with translations!
And be aware, the cut is messed up. 

Under ze cut. )
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Finally decided to do something here. My fic-journal is more trouble than it's worth, so fics and art will be posted here from now on.


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