Aug. 12th, 2011 09:06 pm
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Dear John

Dec. 14th, 2010 10:45 am
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Dear Johnny,

Fuck you.

I hope you like assraping my wallet, because it's not enjoying it :((((

Rikke other words, my resolve sucks and I have pre-ordered the concert T___T
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A sweet person has just messaged me and told me that she has found some of my artwork in a random facebook account.

Well, I can't say it's the first time it has happened and it probably won't be last either, and I know it's the internet - everything can be taken and posted somewhere else, but damn it. I like posting my stuff online and I absolutely refuse to start watermarking like crazy, but I really hate when someone claims it as their own or reposts without permission,
The same thing has happened a few times with my writings - only thing they changed were the names. Sometimes I've briefly considered uploading the documents with the fics because it's easier to read, but stuff like this makes me not do it.

I have the original drawings, so they can't make money off them, but if you guys ever see my stuff somewhere and it's not me posting, please let me know.

Happy New Year.
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Dear anon commenter(s) on Moments, Learn You Inside Out, Stars and various drawings,

I wasn't going to make a big deal out of it, but when you continously comment on my non-locked posts, drawings and fics, and keep on being anonymous, I'll just address it here and hope you read it. If not, tough, not my problem.
First of all, feel free to think of me as a nasty bitch, you're entirely entitled to your own opinions. Feel free to think my writing sucks and that my drawings are bad, though you contradict yourself a lot when you say what you do.
For example, you say, "You always say that your drawings are bad, even though you know they aren't."
Aha, earlier, you said I should stop posting them because they're ugly and now you say that I'm aware they are good. Make up your mind.
Secondly, you want me to stop deluding myself with thinking that people here actually like me. Now, I know for a fact that at least some of them like me, but take that up with my flist if you feel like it. They would, probably, not have friended me if they thought I was the biggest idiot in the universe.
Thirdly - you say I'm sick and a twisted fuck, and that I'm hiding my true and ugly self from my flist. And why?
"You write twincest and you hide it. The people on your f-list doesn't know who you are."
Eeeeeeh. It doesn't exactly take a genius to find my old fic-journal. You found it, didn't you?
I don't feel like I've been hiding that fact, seeing as the fics have been posted publicly at more than one place. I cannot stress enough that it's purely fiction and that if I ever saw a pair of twins make out, I would probably freak the fuck out. It's fantasies, we're all entitled to have them.
If the internetz disturbs you, get out, seriously.

Lastly - I don't really get why you feel the need to comment and tell me, repeatedly, how much you hate my black guts. Seriously, feel free to think I'm the spawn of Satan and hope I burn in hell, I honestly don't give a flying fuck what you think of me, but it worries me that you bother to comment on eight posts. You need a life. OR Arashi in your life.
Possibly both.
If you have a problem with me, can't stand me or my presence here, then what the hell are you even doing in my journal? That's just being masochistic.
Honestly, cheer up a bit. Search for Kitto Daijoubu on Youtube.

Love, Rikke.



And in case you didn't know before this, yes, I wrote twincest, and yes, I read it. Not secret. If you want to de-friend me, go ahead.

How have you all been?
I know I've been horrible in getting back to you and checking up on you lately, but there's seriously not enough time! Anyone in possession of a time turner?

And I just bought the t-shirt TH designed for the Fashion Against Aids campaign - it's very pretty, actually.

*hugs you all*

/Runs off to Japanese class
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I refuse.


You hear me?


...Bet I totally will.


And Deb, no matter how much you try,  Kame/Jae won't become my new OTP.
Kame is scary and Jae is, well, Jae.

Besides, Ohmiya is the only OTP in the world.


Dec. 20th, 2008 10:39 am
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I'm apparently one of a dying race. I'm one of those who doesn't like using Japanese phrases in my fics.

Maybe it's because I've been writing in Japanese fandoms since I was...9 years old? DN Angel, Evangelion, I! My! Me! Strawberry Eggs!, Escaflowne, to name a few. I've ventured in Gackt fandom as well.

The honorifics - I couldn't write without them, since it's part of the Japanese culture.

But...if you throw in Japanese words and phrases...damn, write it all in Japanese! I think it's annoying to suddenly have foreign language thrown at me, especially since I almost always have to scroll down to the bottom to find the footnotes and references to figure out what they were saying.
Not only Japanese, but I've come across this in German and French as well. Annoys the crap out of me.

In some cases, I can understand and accept it. But really. I'm all for sticking to one language at a time when writing fics.

Secondly - Damn I'm tired of the "I'm not good enough, my fic sucks, my drawings sucks"-attitude. If you think your work sucks that much, don't post it.

It's so simple. Just. Don't. Post. It. There, tadaaaa, that hard? No, I didn't think so.

I've probably done it myself when I was younger, but now... Ugh, I'm sorry I did.


Oh, rofl, you'd think I'd be a tad nicer when I've slept 20 hours of the last 48 hours, but no, 'nice' does not exist in my vocabulary xD


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