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Title: Lovely, Wonderful Thoughts
Pairing(s): Eh. Gen. Maybe Ohno/Nino if those goggle are on.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Nuh-uh!
Word count: ~1,600-ish
Warnings: Crack and no plot
Summary: Ohno is Peter Pan, Nino is Tinkerbell and Aiba is giggling. What it says on the tin!
Author's Notes: I blame [livejournal.com profile] walking_orgy for this. You should, too. NIKA IT'S YOUR FAULT SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO. She said "Tinkerneen" and I said "okay". I'm glad you keep being amused by it, though xD Artistic license has been taken, rudely so. Bastardizing Peter Pan, I'm so ashamed. It's silly. Really silly and stupid. Did I mention there's no plot? There isn't. It's also short for once, even though it was intended to be 200 words. I fail.

Pausing just before knocking, Sho and Jun exchange a glance. Five minutes ago when they went out to get more beer, Aiba was alone in the dorm room with his biology assignment and now he’s giggling like crazy? No one should enjoy their studies to that degree.

Sho knocks. “Aiba-chan?”

Silence. Then crazy hushing and, “Just a minute!”

Jun narrows his eyes. “Are you okay?”

More giggling, more hushing, and “Yes!”

Sho tries the doorknob. It gives way and it’s safe to say that whatever Sho was expecting, this isn’t it. There’s a boy on Aiba’s bed, despite Aiba’s best attempt at hiding him from view, which, with Aiba’s beanstalk figure, is a bit of an optimistic maneuver.

The boy smiles sleepily and waves. Aiba grins sheepishly.

“Who,” Jun says, bewildered, “is this?”

“It’s Oh-chan,” Aiba says and moves entirely away, and Sho’s jaw drops. The boy is clad all in green tones and his ears are slightly pointed, and his shoulder is glowing.

“Ohno,” the boy supplies helpfully and straightens up a bit. “Hello.”

“Oh-chan, this is Matsujun and Sho-chan, I told you about them before.”

There are a million questions that need answers right now, but the only one Sho can actually formulate is, “Is your shoulder radioactive?”

“Huh?” Ohno blinks and then, as an afterthought looks at his shoulder, “Oh, this is Nino.”

The glowing thing rises from Ohno’s shoulder, glows brighter, and then settles back on Ohno’s shoulder. That doesn’t actually answer Sho’s question, really, though Sho should probably just be happy that he got some kind of response.

“No offence,” Jun says even though his tone clearly indicates a ton of offence, “but who are you?”

Ohno shrugs, then there’s the sound of tinkling bells and Ohno tilts his head, as if listening. He chuckles, says in a half-hearted reprimand, “That’s not nice.”

Aiba is grinning. “Ooooh, what did he say?”

Ohno glances at Jun, says, “He says that Jun-kun looks like a dog. Sorry.”

Jun’s face sours and Sho manages to think uh oh before Jun bristles and snaps, “and I’m supposed to believe that your shoulder told you to say that?”

“It’s not his shoulder – ” Aiba starts, but by then the glowing light rises from Ohno’s shoulder again, floats over and hovers in front of Jun’s face and Sho does a double-take. There, in front of them, a small figure is lingering, golden, glittering and winged. And it looks pretty annoyed. Its mouth is moving quite emphatically, it looks like it’s swearing up a storm, but all Sho hears is bells ringing, small bells, but bells nevertheless.

“Nino,” Ohno says and gets to his feet, walks gracefully over and plucks the creature by his wings. “Behave, okay?”

Jun is blinking rapidly, as if this is the weirdest thing he’s ever seen. Sho pretty vehemently agrees with that sentiment. “What is that?”

Ohno murmurs, “sorry,” to the creature and pets him gently, and then looks at Sho and Jun and says, “he’s a he. Not an it, and he’s a fairy.”

There’s some annoyed tinkling going on and Sho really has no idea what to think. Fairies? And what is Ohno?

Aiba is flapping his hands like he does when he gets particularly enthusiastic. “Oh, and Oh-chan can fly! It’s so cool!”

Okay, so fairies? Flying boys? All Sho can think is, “How?”

Ohno smiles, all boyish and suddenly very young. There’s a golden, very annoyed fairy perched on his shoulder, arms crossed and positively glaring, and Ohno just stands there for a long moment, until he slowly but surely lifts from the floor. Several inches in between the floor and his feet.

The sound of Sho’s jaw hitting the floor is pretty loud, he thinks.

“So cool,” Aiba breathes and flutter-claps like he does when it’s as if Christmas and his birthday rolled together (like it is, every year, actually) and he just can’t contain all the awesome in the world. “Can I try?”

“Don’t be stupid,” Jun says, and even though he doesn’t sound too sure of himself he says, “you can’t fly.”

Nino, for his part, looks incredibly smug and is…hugging Ohno’s neck now.

Ohno smiles at Aiba, hovers in front of him, places his hands on Aiba’s shoulders and says, “think lovely, wonderful thoughts.”

Aiba’s eyes are huge and Sho finds himself holding his breath, but – nothing happens. Aiba stays on the ground and he looks so disappointed that Sho for a moment thinks that Aiba should’ve flown, defying logic, gravity and everything else.

Ohno is still smiling and he nudges Nino a bit, until Nino, clearly not happy about it, flies over Aiba and golden dust falls from him, and then flies back to Ohno’s shoulder, lands and sulks. Sho is pretty sure he’s running a severe fever and is hallucinating, because that it the moment where Aiba’s feet leaves the floor.


Jun’s jaw drops, then his eyes narrow, and he apparently decides to start channeling his mother. “Aiba, get down, right this instant.”

At this point, Aiba is flat against the ceiling, giggling like a loon, and Ohno flies up to grab his hands and makes him come down again.

“Oh my god,” Aiba breathes in wonder, throwing his arms around Ohno’s neck, dislodging Nino, and there’s the sound of annoyed bells. How he does that is a mystery. Nino stomps in the air while flying and he pauses right in front of Sho’s eyes until he goes cross-eyed with it.

“Hello,” he says, swallowing thickly, because. What is his life?

Nino’s mouth opens with words but all Sho can hear is bells. This entire thing is so surreal that Sho thinks he might’ve died and is now experiencing a special brand of hell where fundamental laws of nature have been erased.

“Nino,” Ohno says over Aiba’s shoulder (and Jun is working on getting Aiba to let go of Ohno), “it’s alright.”

And Nino – looks like he grows in size, he’s now more like the size of Sho’s arm than just the size of his hand, and Nino looks even more pissed off in bigger size, as if his being pissy got magnified as well. If this is not a figment of Sho’s imagination, he thinks he should probably fear that narrowed gaze and glint in his eyes.

“Bells,” Sho blurts and Nino stops, blinks, then looks downright pissed.

“Nino,” Ohno warns gently from where Jun is trying to hold Aiba down on the ground by his shoulders. He’s failing. “Be nice.”

“He said I sound like bells.”

Sho is so thrown by the actual, real words coming out of Nino’s mouth that he doesn’t think to filter, and he says, “but you have to know that you sound like bells when you talk. And how do you talk normally now?”

If possible, Nino’s glare turns downright feral. Ohno walks over and runs his fingertips against Nino’s back, and Nino perches on his shoulder again. “You do sound like bells,” Ohno says gently. “Pretty, pretty bells.”

Nino looks like he’d very much like to refute that, but he brooks his tongue for some reason. “I talk just fine when I want other people to know what I’m saying. Oh-chan is just special, he knows what I’m talking about anyway.”

Jun growls in frustration, snaps, “Do something!”

Sho and Ohno look at Aiba, who, despite Jun holding his shoulders down, is halfway in the air, legs first. Aiba is still giggling like it’s the best thing to happen in his life ever. Ohno shrugs apologetically and says, “Aiba-chan thinks so many lovely, wonderful thoughts. I’m pretty sure the fairy dust will wear off as soon as he calms down, though.”

“It’s awesome,” Aiba says through a shit-eating grin. “I’m flying!”

“I thought stuff like this was only supposed to happen when people got high,” Jun says flatly, now almost laying on top of Aiba to keep him down.

Aiba looks up at Jun. “Am I high?”

“Unfortunately not,” Jun says, then pinches the bridge of his nose. “I can’t believe I just said that. And there’s a weird, flying boy with his weirdly aggressive fairy, and I’m not high. Sho-kun, please tell me this is not real.”

“I’m sorry,” Sho says sincerely, because he really wishes he could assuage Jun’s fears, but no. “I’m pretty sure this is not a dream. Or a nightmare.”

“Of course it’s not a nightmare or a dream,” Nino rolls his eyes and shrinks in size again, sliding down Ohno’s arm until he’s resting in the crook of Ohno’s bent arm. “Don’t tire yourself out like that,” Ohno chastises and then, “Aiba-chan, breathe, okay? Relax a bit.”

“Your friends look unstable,” Nino sniffs. Jun snarls something really incomprehensible, and when Ohno puts a hand to Aiba’s floating legs, they actually sink slowly to the floor.

“Stay there, okay?” Ohno pats his knee. “I better get back before Nino pulls his claws out, that’s not pretty.” Nino, who is still resting in Ohno’s bent arm, waves a hand daintily as if he really can’t argue with that point.

“What are you?” Jun asks, still lying over Aiba as if to make sure he’s not floating away.

Ohno grins and makes to crawl out the window. Nino stretches and starts hovering beside him. Ohno never answers, but he smiles sweetly at Aiba before he flies out the window, and Sho crosses the room in three strides to look out after him. He only sees a dark figure and a glowing ball of light beside it, and then they’re both gone.

On the floor, Aiba is looking starry-eyed and Jun looks like he’s about two seconds away from an aneurysm.

Jun slowly turns his head and glares at Aiba.

“Oops?” Aiba offers and raises his hands in surrender. “I can explain?”

Sho highly doubts that, but he’s pretty interested in hearing it anyway. Besides, he thinks that by now they really should be used to weird things happening around Aiba. Flying boys and fairies. Huh.

It could be worse.

…and he’s pretty sure he just jinxed it.

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