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I'm planning Part Two at the moment, and I'll slowly start writing that when I've finished two projects I'm working on right now :)

Thank you for reading this ♥ 

...And to you guys I let take a peek at the final pieces - I've added and tweaked it a bit :)

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Sorry, RL happened D: Only one update left after this!

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Another short updateeeee~

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Short update today - next one tomorrowwwwwww~

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HELLO, THE END IS NEAR~ *singing off key* The end of Oraya ~Part One~ is rapidly approaching! It will end with piece 50!

That being said - I can't believe how many people who are reading this, seeing as I haven't actually broadcasted it O.O I'm overwhelmed, thank you, guys ♥

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Thank you for sticking around, waiting for this, and that's why you get another update :)
Piece 50 is finished, signalling the end of Part One of Oraya - but Part Two is being planned and written as we speak !

Without further ado~

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Well, fuck me, I won the Freestyle fic contest O.O /speechless
Not bad of a fic I wrote in 22 hours straight xD

This, however - I'm so sorry for the delay, I can't promise the next update will be swift, either. I'm only working from Faith as a reward for me being disciplined enough to stay away from writing for so long xD

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The pace of Oraya is picking up in the next...15 pieces, and I'll do my best not to be too mean in holding out on you guys xD
That being said - I might not be able to update anything for the next few days T___T

Without further ado~

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Sorry guys, I fell asleep yesterday! So Oraya has now broken 10,000 words and I've begun writing piece 50 XD

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ROFL I feel like I owe an update xD This is for celebrating that the initial Oraya wordcount, right now, is nearing 10,000 xD

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Aaaaaaaand the next one while I'm therapy writing~
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I think it's hilarious that my phone screams "Drrrrrrrrream chaaaaaance~" when I get a message XD

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So now my hair is completely black again :D *shakes fist at hair*

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Okay, I know I left off at a mean place last night, so heres' the next one, and it's a longer one, too~

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There's a snowstorm over Denmark, and I'm wondering if I even can get to work tomorrow morning if I wanted to D:

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I'm off to help my trainer in the dressage competition~

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Two more 8D

And Technicolor is progressing - I hope to finish it soon!

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