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Random, but does anyone know who this Junior is? He looks like Machida, has hair like Machida and moves like Jagger Machida, but isn't Machida. And. Really. Hilfe? I need to know who this Machida clone is.

Edit: Mystery solved - Yamamoto Ryota from They Budou. (And it's not a wonder he sort of dances like Machida when his most admired senpai is Yaracchi. Just saying.)

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I won meet and greet with Patrick Wolf.

It totally bears repeating, so: I WON MEET AND GREET WITH PATRICK WOLF. 

Holy fuck, I'm going to be the flailiest flailer that ever flailed on Thursday. Oh my poor heart, how am I going to survive this? I'm going to get my albums signed and askdsjhfsdhfks. There's just no way.

Also, there might be direct correlation between me making everyone suffer in fics and what happens to me, just saying.

I also texted Gati this morning while on painkillers, and the result was hilarious. Crabby Gati is adorable <3

In which Rikke tells about her stint at the ER and about a shit ton of fandoms. No, really. And there will be extreme spoilers for ep 3x05 of Glee (and INTENSE/pathetic fangirling), so enter at your own risk. )
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In less emo news;

Atm, my dogs are more or less melted puddles on the floor and on the stairs.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

Also, I want to draw. I wonder when I get the time to do that. Christmas break, maybe. Any suggestions? I know Koyama wants me to draw Neeners. Mayhaps. Anyone else? Suggestions are welcomed with reference photo in good resolution and in black white since that's the easiest for me to recreate with pencils xD

And speaking of drawing, I can't remember if I've shared these before, but, I looked through my old drawings and found this XD So amused. I think I left one of the cats on Gati's desk xD I also found one of my veeeery old drawing of Hamtaro xD
And my favourite pen and marker drawing ever, of my late maternal grandfather.

Awn, and I remember going mad and positively cross-eyed over a very blurry picture that revealed Bill's new tatoo at the time, and I tried to recreate it xD Here it's in progress XD 1, 2, 3, I'll set you free~ And the finished result!

And this is where the random, non-related pictures start xD

Omg, look at us in high school LOL And at prom a year (and lots of alcohol) later xD It coincided with my eighteenth birthday, and I was so sick because I had chlorine poisoning >.>

Aaaand, this was when I was obssessed with winamp and my OCD forced me to have matching skin and wallpaper LOL Guess why I'm not using winamp anymore xD Proof one, two and three. Yes, I know. /pets pretty Masa

And this is from the day I graduated xD The red band on the hat shows which kind of high school I graduated from /random Danish trivia
And look how long (and dark brown xD) my hair was. Oh my god, this feels like it was ages ago xD It was in 2007! Also, wtf is that look on my face xD

I've seen this man up close in real life nomnomnom /pets Die

This was Elliott, one of my true loves, who Cody ate >.> Again, so much hair!

Here is where the TH pictures start; favoruite picture of Bill, ever. If I have said that it was other pictures, I have been lying, because this is it. This is pretty high up, too, though. And I will say this; I miss Tom's dreads. I also still think that Bill looks like Mary Kate or Ashley xD This is still adorable.

Oh, here is more OCD.

Kimi, come back to Formula 1, you are sorely missed. Also, this still makes me LOL and rage simultaneously.

Oh, and fandom, how I miss you ;;__;; And Hyde as Adam is one of the UNF-est things in existence! Another of my fetishes is men with violins. Just see YOU. Here. Here. Here.

BFF looks young here, jfc xD That was the first time I met her, actually xD

This is my trainer and her horse, and it's to dressage competitions such as this I help out with.

And here comes the MA pictures XD MA. And Maachin. Maachin. Maachin. More Maachin. YES XD

From Maachin to the guy I'll marry in a heartbeat even though I don't want to get married. He'd even be able to convince me to get children xD One of the best looks 8D I also still want to know if anyone has THIS PICTURE IN HIGH QUALITY. I'D LOVE YOU FOREVER.
Which brings me directly to the other guy I'd marry. SHIGE SHIGE SHIGE.


O hai YOU.

O hai glasses.

And let's finish the random post with something that brings endless amusement. THIS.

Over and out.
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"And the guy who joined at the same time as me, nothing changes despite of the time that's passed, so comfortable to be with.
Just seeing each other, my feelings slip back to when we were young in a single moment (lol)

For me, he's an irreplaceable friend."

- Maachin about Ohno ♥

Credit to [info]enshinge for translation ♥
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Title: All We Are
Pairing(s): Machida/Ohno, implied Ohmiya
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 827
Disclaimer: Do. Not. Own. Unfortunately.
Summary: Machida knew he was in love, but he knew he couldn't win against Arashi
Author's Notes: For Kailice, Sarah, for being an awesome friend <3

We won't say our goodbyes. )


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