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So I was going to post Muses 9 tonight, but I got distracted by TH. Oops. Tomorrow. Maybe.

Have a pretty Bill instead?

Meanwhile, I'll keep working on my cliché fic.
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Hello hello, you lovely lot! My goodness, life is skjdhshfkjshk, approximately. Have had some really long days at uni this week (including ditching class to watch Brave /slaps wrist), work and a ton of other stuff that just piles up. I'm heading into a weekend busy with work work work and more work, I have to be at the stables at 8 both Saturday and Sunday to let out the horses (I'm weeping, I thought I was done with being at the stables at that time of the day, weeping, okay?) and I want to watch Formula 1 (from Japan!) and. The days are several hours short.

But it's not all stressful, fret not. I've been baking a really effing lot and I've been widening my horizon and tried out a ton of new recipes, and for the most part, it's been going really well. If you're dying to share recipes, I'm all ears, just saying.

Fandom wise, I haven't been writing spectacularly much. Part 9 of Muses is finished, however. Part 10 is almost finished. I'm working on some other projects, including one of the really overused clichés in fandom, probably only below the amnesia trope. /sweatdrop.

Just a quick question to all: which clichés are the most cliché in fandoms?

And I've pre-ordered Popcorn, flailed an absurd amount over Arafes even though I can't take the name seriously. I've been diving face first straight back into Tokio Hotel fandom, it's been ages since I've been listening so much to them and it's. Phenomenal. And I really really miss TH pre 2009, but oh well. I can roll around forever and happily in the music they made then, it's fine with me. If I occasionally wish Bill would still look like he did in 2007, well, we all have our unreasonable wishes, don't we? Still. So damn lovely. Will watch concerts with BFF and cry a bit. (Edit: Sobbing at Geisterfahrer and Spring Nicht)

I will also need to rewatch TIME concert because the lovely [livejournal.com profile] bulkyass was kind enough to flail all over twitter about it the other day, so now I just want to watch it again again again again.That is, when I've paused my stint back in TH, I will watch it. I'm also simultaneously gearing up for Patrick Wolf's new album, Sundark & Riverlight, and I absolutely refuse to download it, I know it's online somewhere, but I'm waiting for my physical copy to arrive, damn it, see I'm being a responsible fangirl for once?

You will all also have to worship Flawless Queen Adele for her James Bond theme Skyfall, (bought it, love it, will probably build an altar to it, just watch me) and oh my goodness, new Lana Del Rey album in November? I am so on board with that. If we're getting a proper version of Serial Killer I might actually faint from goodness. Yes, really.

Had a long talk with a long-distant friend last week, which was really pretty phenomenal, such a fantastic experience, really. We talked a lot about writing, which was something I realized later that I had needed to, because she doesn't know me, anymore, she doesn't know how I write, what I write for and why I write. And it was pretty amazing to just speak about my writing and she doesn't know what I put into the characters and why they feel the way they do. It was very humbling and freeing, somehow both at once. Very difficult to explain, but trust me when I say it was just that.

At the end of this, I'll just leave you with this and I will go write a bit.

Tchüss <3
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My god, I just remember being 17 and still being such a damn mess, and thinking I was smarter than anyone else and being such a little shit in general, such a smartass and being miserable and angry and god, seventeen, and... still in the vestiges of a really shitty time of my life, and it wasn't even that I felt like no one understood me, because that wasn't it, I was just in a really shitty place. And then that year this song came out and I just. I was a sobbing mess then and I still tear up. I have never cared how many people hate this band, they will always be precious to me.


Feb. 8th, 2011 09:10 am
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I just watched the new TH TV episode, and when the boys are in Shibuya, I totally saw the KAT-TUN and NYC ads LOL

Technically not fangirling either, but still, I fangirl JE.

Good enough for me \o/

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I have only TWO complaints - Why no 1000 Meere video? And WHY ARE GEORG AND GUSTAV HIDDEN BEHIND THE CDS? DDDD:
Other than that, Hurricanes and Suns in HQ is the best thing since sliced bread. Bill, I dig your deep voice, just saying.


So, I received a giant present the other day, from my lovely soulmate Gati and dskjfhdshgsjdak THANK YOU ;;__;; /wibble
And as promised, here is the picture of me wearing the hat you knit for me ♥! And in bonus, you also got a picture of my weird nose in profile yay!
And this is how I look today, just fyi xD

Also, my facebook updates increase excessively while I write assignments. I'm beginning to sense a pattern. But now assignment is done, it's been accepted so on Friday, my Christmas Break starts yay 8D No class or anything until February 1st 8D

And the drama update:
- My Girl - COMPLETE EFFING FINALLY. Aiba looked amazing, but I still wasn't too impressed with his acting. I want to hug Koharu to death, though. The My Girl song still grates on my nerves.
- Bambino! I finished it! Four years later! WOO! I will just say, that that restaurant in Italy he goes to? I've eaten there xD
- Freeter! Fuck you Neen, you are pretteeeeeeh. And congratulations on the high ratings! Only drama I'm following this season.
- Dl-d all of Nodame Cantabile and the first part of The Final Score. Now I just need to watch it. I promised Pants Bearer I would.
- Got A from J-popcon to promise he'd give Maou a go YAY
- Made me want to rewatch Maou AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN OMG
- I also need to rewatch Saigou no Yakusoku, but I have a feeling I'll watch it with BFF next week, along with Hanadan Final, just to shut her up. She's been nagging me about it for a year now >.>
- Tumbling! I'm dl-ing it at the moment. Did any of you watch it?
-  I should probably also finish dl-ing Voice. I still need to dl the last few eps, but I kinda lost interest in it. Hmm, I shall rewatch from scratch and decide, then.
- Tried watching Rescue, but uhh, even Massu couldn't save it for me xD

Not drama, but I bought first season of Heroes because BFF said it was awesome. I still also need Vampire Diaries season 1 on dvd, and I wouldn't object to NCIS season 6, either xD

Not drama related, but speaking of A - I talked to him about Arashi and he went "laksdkjsj ew dancing boyband" and I smacked him (over msn) and promptly sent him Believe and Refrain, and what do you know, he actually liked it. So for now, he likes them when he doesn't have to look at them. Doesn't stop me from sending him AnS clips and stuff. He also thinks V6 is awesome, so, mission accomplished-ish?
I shoved all my Utada music on him, and he loves it. In return, he gave me all of Avatar, so now I know what I'm going to watch when I've finished Gantz.

I'm considering to get my hair cut short again, but I'm also very tempted to just get more layers and let it grow longer. Opinions?

I have several writing projects lined up; including but not limited to Oraya pt. 2, Arashi in Space, Imperfect Things and two more. So let's see if I actually get some writing done! Keep your fingers crossed for me, yeah?

Lastly, I miss talking to my Pants Bearer, but she'll be home in five days! I want to have more drabble jam sessions ;;_;;




Dec. 13th, 2010 09:14 am
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I'm not anywhere near done with my assignment, but this needs to be said;


idgaf that this isn't new footage, something about this makes me...almost want to cry.

Fuck, I love you boys, but I miss your roots (and I'm not talking about Bill's hair, no.) I love this song to death. Needs to rip asap. /orders TH Best Of album

(And ty to BFF who linked me to this ♥)

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Congratulations, boys, on winning best World Stage ♥


Time off

Jan. 18th, 2009 06:48 pm
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While I'm trying to decide whether or not to post a fic, I'm watching Caught On Camera again.

Bill is such a brat. I love him <3

(And damn, why didn't I notice so much twincest the first time around? O.O)


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