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Hello everyone! Are you all enjoying the summer? I am :D I've been traveling a little bit and the days since I got back have been jam-packed and will continue to be, so. I'll try being all present and stuff? At least to post fic soon-ish xD

So yes, traveling! I've been to Brussels to visit Gati (:DDDD) and we went to Paris to attend the Japan Expo and also to see Perfume. Yes. Yes. YESSSSS. I'm still incredibly giddy about that and I keep telling everyone about it, I don't even care that next to no one up here knows them, I just need to share my giddiness xD

Perfume con report and mandatory flailing for those that care. It's here for those who don't care as well. )

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Hello hello, you lovely lot!

So, internet has been dodgy for quite some time, life is crazy busy as per usual, and it all adds up to me not really being up for anything and not being able to check internet other than on my phone. I will make a proper update soon, but allow me some flailing for the Lana Del Rey concert.

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Some of the things I'm probably going to do and say if I ever meet Arashi:

- pass out
- forget how to words
- squeal in such a high voice that only bats and dogs can hear it
- "Ohno-san, can I roll around in your hair?"
- "OMG AIBA-SAN YOU'RE SO PWETTY ;;__;; /wibble"
- make some more dying whale noises
- fall on my ass
- "Really, Matsumoto-san. Mascara. REALLY?"
- creepily try to pet Ohno's hands
- creepily try to pet Ohno
- "Ohno-san, you're so pretty and awesome and I kind of love you and you're awesome did I tell you that and I can't lksdjskhdjgkjzsevskdsfsfssl"
- get carried out of the room by medics

Also - as per usual, this journal is officially a SPOILER FREE ZONE FOR ARAFES DVD. Especially when if it leaks before the release date. I'm probably getting my copy in January, so after that, I will flail the appropriate amount. Please don't spoil me and play nice <3

/hugs <3
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It's an Adam Lambert kind of day today.

Prettiest version of this song:

He's gorgeous and his voice is stunning, I can't with his voice and how it just hits home in every way. Four octaves, people.

And the song that, the first time I heard it, made me want to tattoo every single word of it on my body:

Just remember, you are not alone in the aftermath.
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I'm ill. I'm also writing like mad, I can't believe chapter two ended up just shy of 7,000 words, my god. Cliché fic indeed, why do I always end up writing so much when it's the clichés, remember It's Tonight Your City Sleeps? Memory loss trope right there. Now I'm tackling another cliché and it's the same thing all over again. Curious yet? So am I. Ohno, stop being so damn write-able.

Hi, I'm Rikke, I'm addicted to writing. /bows.

In other completely not news, I will probably keep spamming you with this song until I hear complains (and I will probably continue even then), because holy crap. She actually really does sing this as if she's dying.

...Mary prays the rosary for my broken mind.
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Oh, he looks like Peter Pan, so lovely, so damn charming.

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Now with that out of the way, hello! How are you all? I'm back from Brussels (and Paris!!)! and straight back into busy everyday life, but. Gati. Brussels. Paris! Had such a great week with Gati and her family and. Still processing? I also have pink hair now and incredibly colorful nails. /blissful sigh

And I'm putting the next part under cut because reasons. )
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In bulletpoints! Because I can! And I hope it'll be less tl;dr!

- Blasting Lana Del Rey and writing like mad. Cliché fic is nearing the 10,000 word mark with frightening speed. Absurd amounts of fun is had. Caveat emptor, just saying.

- Only a week and a half until I'm in Brussels with the lovely Gati ♥♥♥ Super secret intel: we're possibly not going to have any time to sleep.

- God, tumblr exhausts me with the pretentious hipsters nesting there. I have this love/hate with relationship with tumblr (I'm guessing a lot of people do, nowadays), because it's good for pictures and stuff, but I absolutely hate what it has done to fandom. Half the time I'm on tumblr, I am facepalming, headdesking or crying from despair, possibly a mix of the three. The other half, I'm struck with the need to babysit. Meanwhile, I'm gawking pictures. At least I admit I'm a hypocrite. Admitting to hypocrisy would suit the rest of fandoms.

- My bro consulted me on whether or not watching Torchwood was a good idea, and I'm pretty sure he can't handle the adorableness of Jack/Ianto. So. He went back to his Firefly altar. In other words, Netflix Denmark yay!

- Sundark and Riverlight slays with its perfection <3 Not just this album, but in general, this has so far been an incredible year for music, so much fantastic music coming out all the time. If you're not glued to youtube and/or rushing to buy the CD's, you're seriously depriving yourself of awesomeness.

- The video in which Lana is the most adorable thing ever. Wait for the end. So. Cute. New album can't be released too soon, just want it now, you'll see me at the front of the queue. Studio recording of Body Electric is going to be phenomenal.

- Almost done redecorating my room, still in need of a new desk, but the rest is okay. You all can follow my rapid meltdown at the self-induced apocalypse on twitter, oh dear.

I really miss talking to you all, really, I know that I'm absolute shit at commenting, but I'm reading what you post and. Sorry I suck? ;;__;; (In other words, no, I'm not saying that you're not interesting enough for me to actually want to comment - I'm saying I'm an equally shitty friend to everyone.) EVERYONE, I MISS YOU.
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So I was going to post Muses 9 tonight, but I got distracted by TH. Oops. Tomorrow. Maybe.

Have a pretty Bill instead?

Meanwhile, I'll keep working on my cliché fic.
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Hello hello, you lovely lot! My goodness, life is skjdhshfkjshk, approximately. Have had some really long days at uni this week (including ditching class to watch Brave /slaps wrist), work and a ton of other stuff that just piles up. I'm heading into a weekend busy with work work work and more work, I have to be at the stables at 8 both Saturday and Sunday to let out the horses (I'm weeping, I thought I was done with being at the stables at that time of the day, weeping, okay?) and I want to watch Formula 1 (from Japan!) and. The days are several hours short.

But it's not all stressful, fret not. I've been baking a really effing lot and I've been widening my horizon and tried out a ton of new recipes, and for the most part, it's been going really well. If you're dying to share recipes, I'm all ears, just saying.

Fandom wise, I haven't been writing spectacularly much. Part 9 of Muses is finished, however. Part 10 is almost finished. I'm working on some other projects, including one of the really overused clichés in fandom, probably only below the amnesia trope. /sweatdrop.

Just a quick question to all: which clichés are the most cliché in fandoms?

And I've pre-ordered Popcorn, flailed an absurd amount over Arafes even though I can't take the name seriously. I've been diving face first straight back into Tokio Hotel fandom, it's been ages since I've been listening so much to them and it's. Phenomenal. And I really really miss TH pre 2009, but oh well. I can roll around forever and happily in the music they made then, it's fine with me. If I occasionally wish Bill would still look like he did in 2007, well, we all have our unreasonable wishes, don't we? Still. So damn lovely. Will watch concerts with BFF and cry a bit. (Edit: Sobbing at Geisterfahrer and Spring Nicht)

I will also need to rewatch TIME concert because the lovely [livejournal.com profile] bulkyass was kind enough to flail all over twitter about it the other day, so now I just want to watch it again again again again.That is, when I've paused my stint back in TH, I will watch it. I'm also simultaneously gearing up for Patrick Wolf's new album, Sundark & Riverlight, and I absolutely refuse to download it, I know it's online somewhere, but I'm waiting for my physical copy to arrive, damn it, see I'm being a responsible fangirl for once?

You will all also have to worship Flawless Queen Adele for her James Bond theme Skyfall, (bought it, love it, will probably build an altar to it, just watch me) and oh my goodness, new Lana Del Rey album in November? I am so on board with that. If we're getting a proper version of Serial Killer I might actually faint from goodness. Yes, really.

Had a long talk with a long-distant friend last week, which was really pretty phenomenal, such a fantastic experience, really. We talked a lot about writing, which was something I realized later that I had needed to, because she doesn't know me, anymore, she doesn't know how I write, what I write for and why I write. And it was pretty amazing to just speak about my writing and she doesn't know what I put into the characters and why they feel the way they do. It was very humbling and freeing, somehow both at once. Very difficult to explain, but trust me when I say it was just that.

At the end of this, I'll just leave you with this and I will go write a bit.

Tchüss <3
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My god, I just remember being 17 and still being such a damn mess, and thinking I was smarter than anyone else and being such a little shit in general, such a smartass and being miserable and angry and god, seventeen, and... still in the vestiges of a really shitty time of my life, and it wasn't even that I felt like no one understood me, because that wasn't it, I was just in a really shitty place. And then that year this song came out and I just. I was a sobbing mess then and I still tear up. I have never cared how many people hate this band, they will always be precious to me.

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On the couch in the night with a cup of tea and my computer. Listening obssessively to Patrick Wolf and so so so excited for the concert with Gati in October, no words, getting to share that incredible experience with soulmate is just. No words.

I am obssessed with this song all over again. Sing the chorus with me?

So let seasons turn, grow paradise garden, into my migration, the native has returned...

Lupercalia today, Wind In The Wires tomorrow.

Sleep tight, flist ♥
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Twice today I found myself in love again
Twice today I found myself in love again
Oh I love you more when you're gone and I can sleep again
I love you more
You've become the one I could still love when you are gone
And you've become the one I could still love when you are gone

Twice today I found myself in open palm
(Could you have been waiting for someone)
Oh I
(The way I was waiting for someone)
Twice today I found myself in open palm
(And one day you fell in my lap)
(Someone to love you more when you are gone and I can love you more)
Oh I love you more when you're gone and I can sleep again
Can love you more...

You've become the one I could still love when you are gone
and you've become the one I could still love when you are gone
and you've become the one I could still love when you are gone

"Twice Today" - Pearl & the Beard
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So I know it comes as a complete shock to absolutely no one when I say that I breathe music sometimes. And I also know that I've linked to this song approximately 7682364723645 times (accurate number is accurate, yo), but seriously you guys, don't you have songs that make you positively ache with it, for no other reason than they just do? And I'm not talking about Adele's songs because jesus, those songs make everyone ache, but the ones that you want to take with you everywhere (in my case, want to tattoo them into my skin) and sometimes you don't want to listen because you know how they make you feel, and sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad, sometimes they make things better but they can also make things a million times worse?

This song, my god. It's recorded from the concert I went to in November last year, and I just hurt with it when he sings: "In need of help, I came to your door" and "Build your castle, stop collecting stones, and the river bed shall not be your home" and even worse (and better, my god), when he goes into the chorus with the imploring, hurting, painful, "To the lighthouse, my friend, just go, just go," and just. Everything about this song is perfection, even the parts I don't like, they manage to make the song even better. The haunting violin and viola, the insisting percussion in contrast to the almost silence sometimes is enough to batter me blue and yellow. The way the song is never quite the same, the words are not the same, the chorus changes, it's not just a song.

(Also, it's a really not so subtle nod to one Ms. Woolf.)

So here it is, link no. (approx) 7682364723646:

Do you have those songs? And which?

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I am screencapping the shit out of several concerts and Countdowns, and oh my goodness, I always forget just how catchy Itsuka no Summer is.

I will be humming that for the rest of the week as well as being butthurt that the duet with Sho never made it to a properly studio version.

The sadness.
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Dear Johnny.

Things you should make happen so quickly it can still only be too slow for my liking:

- J-Friends. A new album. A single. ANYTHING. I'm not picky, I just want to see them together again ;;__;;
- Heikeha album. No, really, hear me out. You're willing to debut Sexy Zone, but not utilize the group with, hands down, the best vocals in the entire agency? WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU. I have no words for the fail, because seriously, Heikeha. This needs to happen.
- Arashi's world tour. Again WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? This should've happened in 2009, damn it. We're still waiting for you, rainbow boys, okay. EUROPE WANTS YOU. 
- New Tonisen single
- A Day In The Life of Arashi's manager DVD
- MA. Seriously, the world needs more MA. I don't care that it's just Yone and Machida left, I really couldn't care less, I just want more of them.
- Arashi movie project. Not like Kiroi Namida, but sort of like it, anyway. I'm not making sense, am I. I just want a nother movie with them all, that doesn't have Ohno as a dimwit. USE HIS SERIOUS ACTING SKILLS.
- Dots World Tour. Or actually, combine a lot of the groups and send them off to Europe to tour. I would be A OK with that, just saying

Love, Rikke
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Forever loving Refrain to bits and pieces. Just one of those days where I really can't stop listening to it. The layers of the chorus, Sho and Aiba's lines especially, just. The lyrics, they just do things to my heart ;;__;;

And besides that, I've been listening a lot to Boku no Miteiru Fuukei, and I've just fallen in love all over again. That was such a good album. (Dancing along to Come Back To Me is just lsdkcjsfhjshfsdjh xD)

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Someone got eaten by tigers in a Danish zoo this morning. How's that for summer excitement?

Also, yesterday, I had no less than nine separate posts on my flist telling me about Colfer's flawless photoshoot. I think I got the message.

Life and more life and also a bit of fandom (and Fifty Shades bashing!), methinks. All in bullet points, perhaps. Randomness ahoy. )


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