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It's astounding how every time I declare that I'm alive and kicking I disappear. Oops?

I've been down with the flu, though /hides behind excuse. No, really. It sucks, I'm terrible at being ill, I go stir crazy the moment the choice of being indoors or not is taken from me. I mean, laziness in general is kind of difficult for me to reconcile with my constant need to be doing something, whether it's writing or something else, but I'm getting better at it, I swear. I really just prefer having the choice, is that really too much to ask? I'm just about over it now, so, all good!

Work has been really hectic and weird and scary for the past two weeks, a lot of thefts have been happening, and let me just tell you that it's not fun in any interpretation of that word to be present while that is going on. So, iPads, phones, Apple TV, a lot of stuff have been stolen. Ugh.

So yeah. Other than working as many shifts as I've been offered this January, I've passed my exams and I've been going with my trainer a lot to help her out with the horses, which is amazing and exhausting and. I really like it, the feeling of being physically exhausted, plus I get to spend time with her, which is always all kinds of hilarious and amazing. It also seems that all my friends decide to have various degrees of meltdowns in January, which is fine with me since I have better time now than when classes start up again in February, but oh my god, so much drama.

I've also gotten the go ahead to start running again YES YES YES /cheer

Fandom wise. Well, not much is happening lately, is there? I mean, Arafes is still amazing, but otherwise? The European Fanmeet in August, though = EXCITE. It's going to be amazing, I have very high expectations for the truly tremendous amount of fangirling that will happen during those days. Nothing else, I'm afraid. J-Popcon in March, I'm working on my costumes, it will be glorious, I'm not kidding. I watched the Kurt edit of last night's Glee and I ship Kurt/Adam like mad, seriously, Adam made him giggle and feel good about himself = instant win in my book. Sadly it won't be happening for more than a few episodes, Damn you, Glee. Why can't I seem to quit you? Kurt, that's why.

But Arashi, yes, I am having an insane amount of Arashi feels lately, I blame Arafes. Intense Arashi feels, intense Ohno feels and these days, very intense Nino feels. Need to rewatch this concert forever and ever. Amen. It has made me finish Muses piece 11 (YAAAY) and I am having a lot of plots floating around in my head to boot. Woe be to everyone but especially the boys. I'm not even sorry, I just have a lot of words and a lot of feels, which in this case is an explosive combination mwahahaha.

Which more or less segues into my really huge project of posting all my work on AO3, and I am already weeping like crazy at the amounf of work - which, a lot of it is because I'm a fucker who doesn't like to make things easy for myself: A lot of the corrections that I find in the fics after they've been posted, I only edit in the posts themselves, which means that the documents themselves have the incomplete versions. Sigh. I will figure it out.

Lastly! Do I know any really awesome artists here that have a way with calligraphy and kanji?

I am going to put up a post one of these days about writing, some specific things in writing that I hope people will want to put their two cents in to, it would be really really awesome.

I miss talking to you all, I will do my best! I am leaving off this time with zomg awesome videos.

Toodles <3<3<3

Because this choreography is insanely clever and needs to be praised forever:

And this is all kinds of awesome because Face Down. FACE DOWN.

/rolls to bed

Date: 2013-01-26 07:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] bulkyass.livejournal.com
Sure, it's clever but omg HOW I LAUGHED, OKAY. HOW I LAUGHED.

Also, hi. I miss you. Let us run together, yes yes?

Date: 2013-01-26 12:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rikke-leonhart.livejournal.com

I miss you too! Yes, we really should :D

Date: 2013-01-26 02:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] bulkyass.livejournal.com
IDK, it's just funny XDDDDD

Date: 2013-01-26 02:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rikke-leonhart.livejournal.com
Something is wrong with you D:

Date: 2013-01-26 03:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] bulkyass.livejournal.com

Date: 2013-01-26 08:08 am (UTC)
mmestrange: inkwell with quill (Default)
From: [personal profile] mmestrange
I don't know what AO3 is, but I have moved my writing comm to dw because I'm very fed up with LJ and its changes and all that. Ironically, some readers have PMed to "warn" that I will lose most of them in this move and that they rather I move to tumbler than dw. What part of protecting myself from trolls of many years standing is so hard to understand? Ugh. Interestingly, I also had a message from a reader who claimed my "difficult" vocab and "typos" killed her interest in reading my fics. When directed to my mod post about my writing in Queen's English, person was flummoxed that there were other forms of English other than the "international standard", which I presume she has been taught to think is the default status of Am. Eng. It's times like these when I subscribe to the GBS idea that yanks havent used English in years/decades/centuries - just cancel as needed.

My health's been more indifferent than usual and the sciatica means I have to sit every now and then when I walk. The photodermatitis has worsened too, so I can't stir outside unless its dark or I'm covered up to the point where shop people think I'm a thief because I have long sleeves in the tropics and gloves, and shades and a big hat. naturally, everyone thinks it's a made up affliction because it's "impossible" for people to have "allergies" vis-a-vis the sun and to be "poisoned" vis-a-vis the sun,

Domestically, Prat has become arselier, though sadly has not been attacked by more fellatio giving cockroaches whenever he flashes and uses his artificial lady parts around whenever he is done eating his meals and playing dubious games and even more dubious films.

I have yet to watch Arafes in its entirety because I only got home in the 2nd week of Jan, and had to catch up on all the shows (japanese and British) i missed since boxing day 2012. I have seen some snips of Arafes here and there, and I'm charmed by some paso doble dance steps and the tango steps. Oh yes, the paso doble.... *drools*

I am writing on and off when i get the itch to, but as with me, a plot bunny one shot can turn out into something else. I don't know whether it's doable yet or even something I complete - it's at a strange stage between conceptualisation and writing. I've been revisiting my abandoned manuscript for SxS based on one of Kyon's old doujin art, but I'm still wondering whether I want to redo that. Still no luck finding an editor for merry-go-round (working title, because actual title is long and too tedious to repeat). Whenever i find one, they baulk at the page number and word count, then they give up a chapter (that they take up to 1 mth to go through). So the release for merry-go-round is delayed again.

In the meantime, that's about all that's interesting here. Miss you and love you <3
Edited Date: 2013-01-26 08:50 am (UTC)

Date: 2013-01-26 07:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] i-am-zan.livejournal.com
OMG!!!!! ARAFES ARAFES ARAFES ... I think I will watch it forever also!

It is beautiful, it sparkles with the love of 70005 people and a million suns!

I'm not an awesome artist nor a calligraphist, but ... my girl just did a module at school about writing Chinese Hanzi (which is PinYin for Kanji) and as the proud mother I am ... if you want a word or two written for you and sent up I could if you would like. But she only did one module and she's only twelve, so she can do one or two characters but not a whole phrase. ... and she has written 'Arashi' and 'Niji' for various people. Because she is awesome like that. ^_^

If you want writing done ... I can write some. Not brilliantly but for you I will write a whole poem. ^_^

I had breakfast with Calerine on Friday and it was so good to get to hang out wiith her.

Love, lovelovelove for you. Lots of it!

Date: 2013-01-27 03:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] javvie.livejournal.com

I am kinda raging over the "baby got back" issue that I can't appreciate that scene that much (though joey ritcher looks really cute and look a lolita). Oh why can't I quit Glee. Anyway I just saw the video Chris Colfer was in for August Man Malaysia (oh my goodness!), I am mesmerized by it. <3


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