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Title: Paradigm 1/9
Pairing(s): Ohno/Nino, Arashi friendship
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Nuh-uh!
Word count: ~1,000/~12,000
Warnings: Casual mention of use of weed, foul language
Summary: There are things Nino has spent a long time trying not to remember. Too bad Ohno didn't get the memo.
Author's Notes: I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry, I have like ten minute break so sorry if the formatting is *shit*, but anyway, I was in the middle of posting this from home and then work was happening and oh my god, I hate lj formatting so *much*. This fic has existed in some form or another since 2008, and I've finally gotten to the point where I actually want to post it. /Captain slow. Thank you to the lovely Gati for reading through it ♥ And seriously, all the gratitude in the world to [livejournal.com profile] walking_orgy for making it look pretty and for cheering me on and for not minding my constant email spamming and for my wall of texts and for calling my email "language porn". Totally made my day xD Cheerleaders for her *\o/**\o/**\o/* Don't know when the next update will be since I'm at the European Arashi Fanmeet during the weekend WOOOO So unless I can steal someone's computer, it'll be on Sunday instead of Friday! If you're going as well, come and say hi? :D Oh god the rambling. Here's fic?

Nino thinks it might have started much earlier, but he doesn’t remember it, not really. There’s Ohno’s birthday, then, and at this point Nino can’t even remember October. But it’s Ohno’s birthday and there are maybe a bit too many people Nino has no clue who are, but whatever, Nino totally cleared his schedule for this night in particular. It’s exactly the kind of party Ohno prefers, which is to say that it’s not a party as much as it’s just people drinking and being relaxed (and slightly stoned) together.

Sho is lying back on the couch, laughing in that loose way that says he’s two hits in, and god, Nino had forgotten the awesomeness of Sho smoking weed.

Ohno is passed around the room like some kind of trophy, which Nino supposes he kind of is, the room filled with friends that Ohno just seems to pick up like strays, he’s sort of magnetized and the diversity of professions stuffed into this room is kind of amazing.

Ohno’s co-star from the spring drama, Yama-something, is hanging on to Ohno’s every word and Nino snorts, takes a drag from his cigarette, because oh god, isn’t that familiar, people falling in love with Ohno left and right? Prolonged exposure made the rest of JE immune, but there’s always the new blood every year.

“Hey,” two fingers to the back of his wrist, “sharing is caring?”

Nino passes the cigarette without hesitation, eyes following the smoke as it leaves Ohno’s lips.

“I’m just saying,” Jun says as he passes them, talking with someone Nino recognizes in that vague manner that says he really should know who it is.

“Don’t take it all, you greedy thing,” Nino chastises and takes the cigarette back, pretends to ignore him but still follows him out on the balcony, and shit, Nino will never get over the fact that Ohno has a fucking balcony. Or maybe that Ohno has a balcony.

Ohno lights up his own cigarette, flops down on a sun chair. “Whatever,” he says. “Remember when I was buying cigarettes for all of you underage, ungrateful brats?”

Screw remembering October, Nino remembers that. “I also distinctly remember someone being stoned enough to have to be tucked into bed on several occasions.”

“I was drunk,” Ohno says, the same argument Nino has heard a million times already.

“Stoned,” Nino says and toasts to Ohno with his cigarette, sits down next to him on the sun chair.

“How does that even ,” Ohno chuckles while trying not to burn Nino’s arm. “You’re ridiculous.”

“I’m not sure I want to know when our roles reversed like that.”

Ohno sighs, looks around probably for a beer, then says, “I miss the time when you were nice to me.”

And Ohno is drunk, and quite possibly stoned, and it doesn’t mean anything. “Oh shut up,” Nino groans, looks for something to throw at Ohno, but there’s only his cigarette and he hasn’t sunk that low yet. “I’m always nice to you. Look at me, here for your birthday.”

“It was yesterday, actually,” Ohno shrugs and Nino stops, counts the days and tries to remember the date of the paper he read that morning.

“Oh fuck, damn it, happy birthday yesterday. Sorry.”

“Thanks, thanks,” Ohno grins, elegant fingers on his cigarette. “Not the first time someone retrospectively wished me happy birthday.”

Nino ignores that dig. “Where’s your girlfriend?”

“Who? Oh,” Ohno shrugs, unconcerned like only Ohno can be. “Broke up.”

“Ouch. When?”

Ohno shrugs again. “Some time ago? March, April-ish?”

“I think it’s alarming you can’t remember.”

“I think it’s alarming you didn’t know,” Ohno returns evenly.

Well, fuck.

“You can be retrospectively sorry if you want, I won’t mind,” Ohno says while the smoke curls his lips in grey.

“You’re such a dick.”

Ohno looks like he really couldn’t care less. “So are you. We’re all dicks, really. And I’m not even nearly drunk enough. This party blows.”

“I’d like to point out that it’s your party, just, you know, casually throwing that fact out there.”

“It’s my party and I’ll do what I want, and right now I want cuddles.”

Nino snorts a laugh. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, scoot over. Cuddles. It’s my birthday, so you can’t say no.”

“It was yesterday,” Nino points out and puts out his cigarette, watching Ohno do the same, before he scoots over on the narrow sun chair. Ohno somehow manages to get thinner instead of filling out as many people do when they get older, and they fit with space to spare.

“Old man,” Nino says, hand finding Ohno’s hip, and they shift until Ohno’s back fits to Nino’s chest. “Haven’t cuddled like this in years.”

“I’m not stoned enough,” is what Ohno says, breath even beneath Nino’s arm. As if on cue, Sho laughs inside the living room.

“So, we haven’t cuddled like this in years,” Nino repeats patiently, “and I will just remind you that we only cuddle like this when we’re stoned, really drunk, on tour, on camera or a mixture of those four. Are you drunk enough?”

Ohno’s sigh is long-suffering. “Nope. Too comfortable to get more beer, though.”

“And so we’re stuck.”

“You could go get it for me,” Ohno says, fingers coming up to hold Nino’s wrist against his heart. “Because it’s my birthday and all.”

Yesterday,” Nino reminds him again. “And no. Comfortable. You’ll get your present another day.” Because he hadn’t had the time to actually buy anything – he hadn’t even known what to get for Ohno, because buying things for Ohno was on par with going blindfolded into a store with sharp objects and praying you’d get out with only minimal blood loss.

Ohno sighs again, his breath a smooth slide against Nino’s chest, and this time he doesn’t say anything to it. Nino can’t actually remember the last time he was this close to Ohno and it wasn’t for work – interviews, dance rehearsal, more interviews, photo shoots. Outside of some kind, outside of any kind of relation to work, he’s not sure how long it’s been since he chose to be this close. He holds him a bit closer.

Ohno chuckles in that way he does when he’s somewhat amused but not really sure why. “Happy birthday to me,” he says. “Retrospectively.”

“Shut up,” Nino hugs him closer, tries not to think too much.


AN x 2: I swear I'm not going to fill up every chapter with lots of rambling, but seriously, next update on Sunday or something. I'm busy fangirling, yo.

Date: 2013-08-07 12:47 pm (UTC)
ext_608772: (KazuToshi)
From: [identity profile] neenashareefa.livejournal.com
I really missed your writing... how are you doing?

Date: 2013-08-07 01:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] himitsu-17.livejournal.com
YAY you're writing a new fic ♥

I like it already~
I can't wait to read how their story will develop!

Thanks ♥

Date: 2013-08-07 06:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] j-sei.livejournal.com
Woo, nice opening and I want more :DD *who don't?*
And enjoy your fanmeet :)

Date: 2013-08-07 11:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] qiannyqianqian.livejournal.com
Woohoo!! Ur finally updating!! I've been waiting for ur fic for quite a while. Thanks for the new update, can't wait to read more! Have fun on the weekends!


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