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Cally was weird. I humored her. This is the result.

Ohno approaches Sho one day.


He stands in front of Sho, not say anything until Sho opens his mouth and makes to speak. Then, Ohno fishes around in his pockets.


He comes up with a box of jellybeans.


Sho looks like he is about to ask, so Ohno presses the box into Sho's hands.


"Use them wisely," he advices sagely, turns on his heels and leaves.


Sho is, expectedly, a bit thrown off. Whether it's by the jellybeans or Ohno giving them to him in that solemn manner, he doesn't know, but fact is that he now has a box of jellybeans, and he's not afraid of using them. If only he knew for what.


In retrospect, it might have been a bad idea to still hold the box in his hands when he entered the greenroom.


"What's that, Sho-chan?" Aiba has this look in his eyes that Sho has not seen for a very long time. (And really, he thinks he wouldn't mind not seeing it ever again.)


"Jelly… beans…?" Sho replies, quite cautiously. He wonders if he has said something wrong, because Nino groans long-sufferingly.


Turning back to Aiba, Sho is suddenly struck by the urge to dash out of the building and throw himself in front of an oncoming truck.


The Crazed Look has turned Deranged.


"Magic beans, Nino! Sho-chan has the magic beans! I told you they existed!"


"You're an idiot," Nino says frankly. "They won't grow into a giant beanstalk. Or produce a golden ostrich."


Aiba looks disappointed and Sho is almost deceived into pity, but then Aiba's eyes glint again in that way that spells trouble for everyone in the near vicinity, and he takes a step back, but he hits the door as it opens, and Jun steps in.


"Jun-chan!" Aiba squeals three octaves higher than normal, and Jun winces. Nino looks gleeful.


Jun takes one look at Aiba, one look at Nino (and maybe another at Sho trying to lessen the pain on the back of his head).


"NO." Aiba wilts visibly.


"I am not going along with any idea you might have to explore the world around us, no matter how many times you tell me you are a scientist, I will not believe you and your lies I know this from experience I do not want a heart attack in the nearfuturenojumpingfromplanesnotenmetrestilts-"


"It's different this time! I promise! Trust me!" Aiba has his look back on again. Sho is tempted to ask Jun to hit him multiple times with his ring hand.


Jun narrows his eyes.


"Magic beans, Jun-chan!" Aiba continues.


"Beans are per definition non-magical!" Jun returns, pointing at the box in Sho's hands. "And look, it says Jellybeans. Not magic beans."


"It's a disguise!" Aiba insists. "They do that to confuse the enemy!"


Sho whimpers as he contemplates the easiest and most painless way of dying here on the spot. Nino is rubbing his hands. Jun turns to look at Sho. "Where did you get them anyway?"


Maybe if he threw himself out of the window. They're on the fifteenth story after all. Sho remembers he is afraid of heights.


"Leader gave them to me just a while ago. Just all of a sudden, you - "

Aiba's face is too close Sho's. He steps backwards, holds the jellybeans behind his back.


"Do you think," Aiba narrows his eyes, cocks an eyebrow, corners Sho.

"That Leader could be one of them?"


"Ah- I - " Aiba cuts Sho off as he starts to reply.


"Are you one of them?"


Maybe if he closed his eyes on the way down, he wouldn't see how high they are from the ground.


"One of who?" Ohno asks from behind Sho, behind the door Sho is blocking.


Aiba makes a series of gestures that make no sense whatsoever and Jun rolls his eyes out loud.


"Sho, move," he says and opens the door. "Leader, where did you get the jellybeans? Who gave them to you?"


Ohno looks confused. "Which jellybeans?"


Sho feels the blood drain from his face. This is so not happening.


Except it totally is.


"These!" he says frantically. "Just before!"


Ohno still looks confused. "I really don't know what you're talking about."


Aiba howls in despair. "THEY GOT LEADER!"


"Who?" Ohno glances at Aiba, who is in the midst of pretending to tear his hair out. "Who got me? I got fish yesterday!"

"THEM." Aiba glares, hands stilling in their mad dance. "THEM WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED."


Jun frowns. "Where was this going to - exactly, before I entered?"


Sho places the jellybeans on the coffee table gently, careful not to shake them.


Maybe if he ate one, he might die.


That's it! If he ate -


"We have reason to believe," Aiba explains. "That THAT BOX OF JELLYBEANS is not actually jellybeans. They are magic beans."


Sho opens the flap, and chooses a red bean. It tastes like strawbe -




"Masaki." Jun's frown deepens. "What kind of evidence do you have?"


Aiba bats his hands, dismissing the small technicality of evidence. "Who needs evidence when they have common sense?"


Jun sweatdrops. "Indeed," he says slowly. "Sho-kun, you might not want to eat those, have you checked if they are too old?"


"Who 'them'?" Ohno is asking Nino in the background and Nino pats his cheek in return, as if to say "don't worry about it."


Sho suddenly feels very bad in his belly. He turns the box over slowly.

9th February 2009.


Holy -


"Holy - I just wanted to kill myself, not get food poisoning!"


"Jun-chan!" Aiba is saying. "Trust me! I know these things, I'm a scientist."


He puffs out his chest proudly.


Ohno comes beside Sho and reaches for the jellybeans.


"Sho-chan, could I have one?"


Sho doesn't stop trying to get the bean out of his throat in time. The next thing he knows, is Ohno asking if he can offer Nino a bean too.


"Ohno-kun - The beans - " He chokes, probably more on panic than bean.


"Sho-chan, you okay? These beans are delicious! I should have kept some for myself."


In slowmotion (or it feels like it) Sho lunges across the room to stop them from eating more, but Sho is many things, just not athletic. He only reaches halfway before he falls flat to the floor, and he whimpers, now sore and afraid of the looming food poisoning.


What makes is worse is, that now they're all munching happily on the jellybeans.


"I feel funny," Nino says then, but when Aiba raises his fist in triumph, Nino grins. "I'm kidding."


Aiba wilts like a tomato plant, and then brightens as Jun sits beside him.

"Jun-chan, want a bean? You could be Test Experiment Number 4. We'll see if eating a different coloured bean has a different effect." Jun hits him very hard on his head.


Nino feeds Ohno a bean and throws one at Sho. It hits the side of his eye.

Sho rolls over and wonders if he ate enough of those beans, the beanstalk would kill him from inside-out.


"I guess it cleared then!" Jun annouces, standing up. He helps to pull Sho from the ground. "Leader did give Sho-kun these beans."


"Leader, why did you give them to me?" Sho groans, and hurries to clear his throat. "Not that I don't appreciate it! It's just so random."


"My mom gave them to me and I remembered that they used to keep me awake during class. Sho-chan has been looking so tired lately, I just thought you'd find a use for them." Ohno smiles, holding out the box for Sho.


Sho can't stay annoyed but he asks anyway.


"When exactly did your mom give them to you?" Sho takes the box, closes it and keeps it in his pocket where it will be safe and harmless.


Ohno looks thoughtful for a moment.


"When Nino went to Hollywood. Because they're American?"


Jun buries his head as deeply as he can in his hands.


Sho meets Nino's eyes.


"9th February 2009," he confirms, trying hard to convince himself that the rumble in his stomach is perfectly normal.


Nino looks at Ohno for a very long moment, and then turns back to Sho. "I'm going to KILL YOU. With my bare hands. While you are sleeping."


Sho stumbles backwards.


"But Leader gave them to me, surely - "


"But surely you know that it is against the rules of the universe to kill Ohno Satoshi," Nino says, mock-sweetly.


(Staff on News Zero later report that during this week's filming, Sakurai-san had been giving the door far too many more furtive glances than normal.)


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I like jelly beans! ^_^

*this is lovely!* random and lovely!

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Thank you :D :D

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LOL Sorry xD


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