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Title: Paradigm 3/9
Pairing(s): Ohno/Nino, Arashi friendship
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Nuh-uh!
Word count: ~1,000/~12,000
Warnings: Language
Summary: There are things Nino has spent a long time trying not to remember. Too bad Ohno didn't get the memo.
Author's Notes: Ugh, I'm having intense Fanmeet feels, post-Fanmeet blues and I'm honestly still reeling from all the fangirling and flailing and oh the hugs ;;__;; Arashi fandom is amazing, y'all! The usual: the lovely Gati and the magnificent [livejournal.com profile] walking_orgy are absolute stars <3

Ohno is late for dance rehearsal. Which isn’t out of the ordinary, really, they’re all permanently running a bit late, they should probably start scheduling after how much they’re always delayed. Or maybe it’d be a vicious circle where they’d start being late according to the new schedule where their lateness had already been included, and then they’d start scheduling even later.

Whatever, it makes Nino’s head hurt.

They’ve already started on the choreography when Ohno rushes in, tugging off his scarf on his way in, “-sorry, sorry, sorry,” he’s saying in a strange lilting mantra, slinging his jacket over a chair.

“Sorry,” he says again, “filming ran late, and they wanted my hair a shade darker.”

Jun frowns at him. Nino very much agrees with that frown. “Did you eat?”

“Huh? Yeah, on the way here, don’t worry, how far ahead of me are you now?”

“Your hair,” Aiba says with a smile and tugs at a strand. “It’s been a while since it was this dark, right?”

Ohno both nods and shrugs, which doesn’t really say much at all, but Aiba smiles a bit more into his dimples, and bless Ohno for picking up on choreography faster than the rest of them put together when he actually wants to, because by the end he knows it better than even their choreographer.

“Sorry, I need to run, there’s episode three to finish,” Ohno says while they all collapse collectively in a heap of if the next time I have to move is never, it’s still too early, and he’s grinning in that way they all do when they don’t quite know where they’re going next but just that they’re due somewhere five minutes ago already. By the door, Ohno’s manager looks permanently and apologetically stressed out, it’s quite the talent.

“Yes, yes,” Sho says with a shooing motion, “go away, you’re making the rest of us look bad with how hard you’re working these days.”

Ohno chuckles, throws them some weirdass, two-fingered salute while grabbing his jacket and wrangling his scarf into a semblance of knots.

“See you at filming tomorrow!” Nino calls out after him, because he does remember that; maybe they should all sit on him until they’re sure he’s eating. Without his diet going straight to hell. God, diets should go die in a fire. A really massive one. They’ve all been on them, it never gets any funnier. Diets, not fires. Although fires can be really nasty, too, Nino is sure.

“God,” Jun mumbles and flops back, completely flat on the floor now. “And recordings start next week. Then release, then tour.”

“Circus,” Sho agrees and caps his water bottle. He points at them all. “The very best one, but I never miss how exhausted I am by the end of it.”

Nino thinks, there’s an entire universe to be discovered in the view outside Ohno’s balcony, seen from the arm chair that will swallow him one day if he’s not being careful. He needs to write something for the album. Oh god damn it. He looks at the watch before his manager even considers tapping his own. “I have to go, too, I still have three days left of filming.”

He’s a physician this time – he feels like he can probably at least somewhat convincingly bluff his way through a dozen different professions at this point. It’s kind of cool in a really schizophrenic way, and he doesn’t envy Ohno at all, because Ohno gets the really diverse roles and still somehow, impressively, manages to nail it.

Jun still occasionally bitches about getting cast in the same kind of roles, even though he secretly likes it and is just so very grateful that he has work to do at all. Jun has never been particular like that, he seems genuinely surprised all the time that people actually like him.

They’re all kind of like that, maybe that’s why it works. Or keeps working. Nino doesn’t know, he’s way too tired to even begin philosophizing about it for more than ten seconds at a time, and he still can’t remember more than a few days back at any given moment. He thinks maybe he’ll ask for a vacation for them all after the album is out, before the tour, five days at the least with no commitments to anything but their beds. Yes, he totally should.

“Work hard,” Aiba says, grabbing Nino’s ankle as he stands, and Nino gently nudges Aiba’s thigh with his toes.

Looking at them, they all look as they always do, somewhat tired but not wiped out, ready to do anything demanded of them but preferring to sleep right this instant if that’s okay with everyone. And Ohno is off being a psychopathic serial killer somewhere with haunted eyes and a manic smile.

Their lives, seriously.

Ohno texts him sometime that evening while Nino is still filming and he checks it during a break, trying to balance his DS on his crossed knee, open a bottle of water and not drop his phone all at the same time. Awesome. Or not; he has to put down the phone so he can actually use both hands for the bottle. Mario on his DS makes a distinctly unhappy sound. Multitasking fucking sucks, women can have that privilege all to themselves.

Ohno’s text says, I’m actually not dead yet and script is being revised, I think – maybe I’m not going to die after all?

Nino feels like pointing out that though he doesn’t know the script at all, and considering the fact that the drama is going to consist of twelve episodes, it’d be really counterproductive to have Ohno, as the lead, dead by episode three. That’s not what he says.

He texts, you made me lose a life.

Because Nino totally has his priorities straight, shut up.

The reply pings in less than two minutes later, So the script got revised to Mario dying. Thanks for clearing that up!

And then, right after, Break over, work hard! And that ridiculous thumbs up emote that Ohno’s phone has that kind of makes Nino want to strangle someone because it’s way too perky. It’s a thumb, okay, thumbs aren’t supposed to be perky.

So everything considered, it takes Nino a while to discern the difference before and after Ohno’s birthday.

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