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Some of the things I'm probably going to do and say if I ever meet Arashi:

- pass out
- forget how to words
- squeal in such a high voice that only bats and dogs can hear it
- "Ohno-san, can I roll around in your hair?"
- "OMG AIBA-SAN YOU'RE SO PWETTY ;;__;; /wibble"
- make some more dying whale noises
- fall on my ass
- "Really, Matsumoto-san. Mascara. REALLY?"
- creepily try to pet Ohno's hands
- creepily try to pet Ohno
- "Ohno-san, you're so pretty and awesome and I kind of love you and you're awesome did I tell you that and I can't lksdjskhdjgkjzsevskdsfsfssl"
- get carried out of the room by medics

Also - as per usual, this journal is officially a SPOILER FREE ZONE FOR ARAFES DVD. Especially when if it leaks before the release date. I'm probably getting my copy in January, so after that, I will flail the appropriate amount. Please don't spoil me and play nice <3

/hugs <3
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Title: Outlines
Pairing(s): Ohno/Nino
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Nuh-uh!
Word count: ~4,500
Warnings: Language
Summary: While Ohno is overseas, Nino has revelations. Distance sucks, okay. Also, Christmas trees.
Author's Notes: See, I wrote canon!fic! I can do other things than AU! Early Christmas present for the best soulmate a girl can ask for, Gati. Beta done by the lovely and fabulous [livejournal.com profile] walking_orgy, who is a right champion and jumped in to help me when I asked with wibbly lips and puppy eyes, and she deserves a cheerleader, so here *\o/*. All other mistakes are mine!


To Gati. )

It’s not always Ohno who calls him, but it often is, mostly because Nino has no idea when he can call Ohno, but Ohno knows plenty about how Nino’s schedule normally looks like. )
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It's an Adam Lambert kind of day today.

Prettiest version of this song:

He's gorgeous and his voice is stunning, I can't with his voice and how it just hits home in every way. Four octaves, people.

And the song that, the first time I heard it, made me want to tattoo every single word of it on my body:

Just remember, you are not alone in the aftermath.
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BFF: If you show me yours, I'll show you mine.
Rikke: I think I saw a porno like this once.
BFF: Don't quote Prisoner of Azakaban 15 at me.
Rikke: No, really.
BFF: Your writing.
Rikke: The other thing was funnier.

Also, what the hell, lj, what the hell is up with the text editor, do you not want your users to actually extend the paid accounts when you do this fuckery?
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Happy Birthday, Ohno Satoshi, you utterly brilliant man, I'm still hopelessly smitten and hopelessly fascinated by you, and god, you're really unfairly attractive. For this year, I wish that you stay healthy and happy and awesome and will wear lots of tight t-shirts so I can ogle your appallingly attractive figure. (ETA: On that note let me tell you that the Ohno Satoshi tag on tumblr is a very good place to be today. You know, just saying.)

I was going to write a fic to have something to actually contribute to fandom with on this lovely day, but I got sidetracked with writing something else, oops?

But most importantly, THANK YOU a million gazillion times for the birthday wishes! LJ is an assbutt that told everyone that my birthday was two days early, on the 22nd instead of the 24th, so I got lots of wishes from then on, and thank you thank you thank you, everyone, I feel really loved and all warm and fuzzy with feels, my friends are the best

Also, another fabulous album out this year, Olly Murs' new album Right Place Right Time is gorgeous and fun and so so so good, and it just got in on my doorstep, so, yay! So much good music out this year, it's been a fantastic year for music!

(Getting back to the people I owe replies to later today, seriously, I fail I'M SORRY, I'm writing assignment ;;__;; /HUGS EVERYONE)
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I suppose it says a lot about my enthusiasm for something when the working title for the document is: "I'd really rather watch paint drying on the wall dammit"
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I'm ill. I'm also writing like mad, I can't believe chapter two ended up just shy of 7,000 words, my god. Cliché fic indeed, why do I always end up writing so much when it's the clichés, remember It's Tonight Your City Sleeps? Memory loss trope right there. Now I'm tackling another cliché and it's the same thing all over again. Curious yet? So am I. Ohno, stop being so damn write-able.

Hi, I'm Rikke, I'm addicted to writing. /bows.

In other completely not news, I will probably keep spamming you with this song until I hear complains (and I will probably continue even then), because holy crap. She actually really does sing this as if she's dying.

...Mary prays the rosary for my broken mind.
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I have successfully survived a marathon of writing three assignments, going to work and actually managing to have a life. I can't even. Met up with a friend on Tuesday because I seriously needed to do something else than staring at my computer. Was much needed, and she decided the pink tips Gati's mom did on my hair needed to be strengthened, so I now have very pink tips again. I've been running on too little sleep and too much caffeine for almost a week now, so after work yesterday, I crashed rather spectacularly.

I wake up to a text from Gati that Arafes is up for preorder, why does this always happen when I happen to be asleep? I did get First Press from Cdjapan, though, so I'm totally okay with that <3 Also sfzlugfdjhfjdfdjk GAMMICK GAME LIVE. I am so on board with that, finally we got you, Neen. And Rain just with Ohno and no back up dancers? This is going according to my plan. Popcorn goods look good, but none of them really screams at me. Might get a clearfile if I can be bothered. We'll see!

A huge thank you to [livejournal.com profile] i_am_zan for the pretty card and the lovely, lovely words, it made me seriously, really happy, so thank you so much <3 I love snail mail, okay? <3
[livejournal.com profile] walking_orgy: I am working on it, uploading as we speak! I have not dropped any colorful commentary as probably you'd better listen and get your own impressions, yeah, no matter how much I'd like to shove my (clearly) unbiased opinions on you xD I also suck, I saw your comments last night after work, but yeah, collapsed, so. It was even a chance of catching you somewhat real time, but damn. Next time? <3

You all need to buy Lana Del Rey's new Paradise Edition because reasons. No, seriously, it's brilliant, I've been listening non-stop since it got out on Monday, IT'S SO GOOD. Body Electric is perfection, she sings it like she's aching, Bel Air and American are phenomenal, my god. Listen, it's fantastic. It's also really motivational, apparently, since I managed to finish my assignments almost three days before deadline, so. I thought Born To Die was the best album release for me this year, but apparently, Lana can only best herself, so the Paradise Edition easily shoves Born To Die down. If I hadn't already songficced the crap out of Born To Die, I'd do it again despite my raging hate for songfics. I can't words.

Anyway! Besides ordering Arafes, I have actually nothing to do today besides the cinema later with my trainer. We're going to watch... Breaking Dawn pt. 2. I know, I know. Seeing as I have only watched the first movie and read half of the first book, this shall probably be amusing. I have little to no idea what's happening in between, but internet assures me I'm better off without knowing. Anyway, she asked if I wanted to go with her, and it's been a long time since we've spent some quality time together, so it'll be good, even if I'm watching Twilight. /shrugs. I survived reading Fifty Shades, I can survive this.

I suppose I should now read my email, I haven't checked it since the weekend, so. I hope nothing truly groundbreaking was happening while I was assignment writing like a pro.

I also hope I can get some writing done now. My fingers are itching to write.

Please update me on your lives, lovely flist <3
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Title: Awake and up for me to see
Pairing(s): Ohno/Nino
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Nuh-uh!
Word count: ~2,500
Warnings: Abuse of italics, run on sentences, fluff
Summary: AU. This time: There's snow, cuddles and snark.
Author's Notes: Muses! This is painfully fluffy and painfully short. Just a filler, really, sorry about that! And I'm not here, not really, you didn't see me at all. Should really be writing assignment, so I'm profoundly not here, nope. Thanks to the lovely Gati for lightening fast beta <3 Title from "Drunk In The Morning" by Lukas Graham. Now I will crawl back to assignment number two.

Nino woke up and blinked into the darkness of the room that somehow just wasn’t as dark as it usually was, even though the blinds were closed and it should have been perfectly normal.  )
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Being buried beneath a heap of blankets and racing to finish three assignments with deadline on Saturday, I will probably not be here much this coming week, but I shall try!

Happy one-day-early birthday to [livejournal.com profile] tonieboo0013, happy birthday, love, hope you'll be having a good one <3

Also, thank you to BFF for verbally kicking my ass into gear last night, it was much appreciated, my whining was ridiculous.

Anyway, I'm trying to get some writing done, I will try and cram it in in between assignments and actual human functions, but we all know how that tends to work out for me. Part 10 of Muses is just about done, I've started on part 11, I'm also working on my cliché fic, which has kind of taken over my life for a bit, which I normally wouldn't mind but for the fact that I'm trying to write a paper on dialects and linguistic evolution in Catullus' Carmina. So unless it writes itself, there will be little to no writing for me this week, I think :(

I'm wildly amused (and also slightly horrified) to discover that The Shameless Fic was nominated last year to some award or another. What. How. Why. HOW. WHY. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Does this fandom genuinely not know when it's being mocked? This fic, of them all, was the one I was not keen on advertising anywhere, I wasn't even going to post it originally. So amused, what is this fic even? Various mean, mean people are telling me to write the sequel, what the hell, wasn't there enough mockery the first time around? I'm not completely heartless, you know, just really not in possession of a working brain to mouth filter.

Am I caught up on things now? Hopefully yes, but you lot are seriously difficult to keep up with, you're all busy and lovely (and productive!) so. Please just poke me if there's urgent stuff I need to know, you guys are really sweet at pm-ing me and reminding me of stuff, so just, I'm glad you do, so keep it up? Please?

Okay, my break from assignments has gone on long enough! Toodles! <3

Please do not rob yourselves of the experience of this Patrick Wolf interview plus live performances of Overture and Born To Die.
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Oh, he looks like Peter Pan, so lovely, so damn charming.

rikke_leonhart: Owl (Patrick Wolf - Colors)

Now with that out of the way, hello! How are you all? I'm back from Brussels (and Paris!!)! and straight back into busy everyday life, but. Gati. Brussels. Paris! Had such a great week with Gati and her family and. Still processing? I also have pink hair now and incredibly colorful nails. /blissful sigh

And I'm putting the next part under cut because reasons. )
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Two posts within the span of five days, good god, the world must be ending. Sadly for you all, I don't know the art of finding the middle ground, so either I spam you to death or hibernate for months at a time.

Getting most of my shit together so I can slack all of next week in Brussels (EEEEEEEEEEE!!), which means I've taken two extra shifts at work, most noticeably the death sentence of Saturday from 7.30am to 3pm. Anyway, that and I've been commanded (no, they actually called me up and begged me) to help out at the competition on Sunday. What is this madness, I hear you say, didn't you say you never wanted to take part in this competition business? Yes, I think I might I have said something along those lines in my foul, bitter moments, hoewever, I'll be judging for a few hours, and it's the girls. I really can't say no to the sweet girls, so you'll find me at the Judge Tower for a few hours on Sunday. I'm even missing the India Formula 1 Grand Prix for it.

So it's Wednesday and this time next week I'm in Brussels and am possibly very exhausted as per usual, but. BRUSSELS. GATI. So if the world spontaneously combusts next week it's clearly from our combined awesome. You have now officially been warned, so seek shelter.

My body is also doing its usual rebellion when I seriously don't have the time to be ill or otherwise indisposed, so naturally I'm pretty much out for the count, because my back has decided to act up. See my downing painkillers like a damn pro, I have work to do, damn it. I am also still decorating my room and my dad announced this morning that we're going to buy my new desk today and I might have teared up in despair since my goal for today is sitting incredibly still until I have to go to work. I really don't want to go anywhere, but I also want a new desk. I know, first world problems, I have all of them. MATERIALISTIC GOODS > HEALTH. Obviously. And I actually tried my best last night, went to bed at 10 to get some proper rest, except for the fact that I couldn't sleep, too nauseous to be comfortable and the painkillers weren't really anything to speak of, so I ended up texting Gati. Fell asleep around 2 and then woke up at 6. fml sometimes, really. /bitter. At least I only have four hours of work today. Little victories.

BUT TOMORROW. I actually have nothing planned, I think. I think. Which most likely means I've forgotten there's a shit ton of things I'm supposed to be doing, but oh well. Let's see come tomorrow.

/goes back to horizontal, vegetative state, reading way too much Avengers fanfic.
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In bulletpoints! Because I can! And I hope it'll be less tl;dr!

- Blasting Lana Del Rey and writing like mad. Cliché fic is nearing the 10,000 word mark with frightening speed. Absurd amounts of fun is had. Caveat emptor, just saying.

- Only a week and a half until I'm in Brussels with the lovely Gati ♥♥♥ Super secret intel: we're possibly not going to have any time to sleep.

- God, tumblr exhausts me with the pretentious hipsters nesting there. I have this love/hate with relationship with tumblr (I'm guessing a lot of people do, nowadays), because it's good for pictures and stuff, but I absolutely hate what it has done to fandom. Half the time I'm on tumblr, I am facepalming, headdesking or crying from despair, possibly a mix of the three. The other half, I'm struck with the need to babysit. Meanwhile, I'm gawking pictures. At least I admit I'm a hypocrite. Admitting to hypocrisy would suit the rest of fandoms.

- My bro consulted me on whether or not watching Torchwood was a good idea, and I'm pretty sure he can't handle the adorableness of Jack/Ianto. So. He went back to his Firefly altar. In other words, Netflix Denmark yay!

- Sundark and Riverlight slays with its perfection <3 Not just this album, but in general, this has so far been an incredible year for music, so much fantastic music coming out all the time. If you're not glued to youtube and/or rushing to buy the CD's, you're seriously depriving yourself of awesomeness.

- The video in which Lana is the most adorable thing ever. Wait for the end. So. Cute. New album can't be released too soon, just want it now, you'll see me at the front of the queue. Studio recording of Body Electric is going to be phenomenal.

- Almost done redecorating my room, still in need of a new desk, but the rest is okay. You all can follow my rapid meltdown at the self-induced apocalypse on twitter, oh dear.

I really miss talking to you all, really, I know that I'm absolute shit at commenting, but I'm reading what you post and. Sorry I suck? ;;__;; (In other words, no, I'm not saying that you're not interesting enough for me to actually want to comment - I'm saying I'm an equally shitty friend to everyone.) EVERYONE, I MISS YOU.
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Title: Where the world drops off
Pairing(s): Ohno/Nino
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Nuh-uh!
Word count: ~5,100
Warnings: Abuse of italics, run on sentences, fluff
Summary: AU. This time: Nino sprains his ankle and he worries, and Ohno is in a dilemma (but is still an awesome boyfriend and knows it).
Author's Notes: Muses! Delayed, but here. Thank you to the bestest soulmate in existence ever, Gati, for beta and general awesomeness. Title from "Weapon" by Matthew Good. Earlier pieces to be found HERE.

Ohno was slow in picking up, but Nino knew he was rehearsing so that was alright, and he actually didn’t even know why he was calling Ohno in the first place, because there really wasn’t much Ohno could do for him right then. )
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So I was going to post Muses 9 tonight, but I got distracted by TH. Oops. Tomorrow. Maybe.

Have a pretty Bill instead?

Meanwhile, I'll keep working on my cliché fic.
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Hello hello, you lovely lot! My goodness, life is skjdhshfkjshk, approximately. Have had some really long days at uni this week (including ditching class to watch Brave /slaps wrist), work and a ton of other stuff that just piles up. I'm heading into a weekend busy with work work work and more work, I have to be at the stables at 8 both Saturday and Sunday to let out the horses (I'm weeping, I thought I was done with being at the stables at that time of the day, weeping, okay?) and I want to watch Formula 1 (from Japan!) and. The days are several hours short.

But it's not all stressful, fret not. I've been baking a really effing lot and I've been widening my horizon and tried out a ton of new recipes, and for the most part, it's been going really well. If you're dying to share recipes, I'm all ears, just saying.

Fandom wise, I haven't been writing spectacularly much. Part 9 of Muses is finished, however. Part 10 is almost finished. I'm working on some other projects, including one of the really overused clichés in fandom, probably only below the amnesia trope. /sweatdrop.

Just a quick question to all: which clichés are the most cliché in fandoms?

And I've pre-ordered Popcorn, flailed an absurd amount over Arafes even though I can't take the name seriously. I've been diving face first straight back into Tokio Hotel fandom, it's been ages since I've been listening so much to them and it's. Phenomenal. And I really really miss TH pre 2009, but oh well. I can roll around forever and happily in the music they made then, it's fine with me. If I occasionally wish Bill would still look like he did in 2007, well, we all have our unreasonable wishes, don't we? Still. So damn lovely. Will watch concerts with BFF and cry a bit. (Edit: Sobbing at Geisterfahrer and Spring Nicht)

I will also need to rewatch TIME concert because the lovely [livejournal.com profile] bulkyass was kind enough to flail all over twitter about it the other day, so now I just want to watch it again again again again.That is, when I've paused my stint back in TH, I will watch it. I'm also simultaneously gearing up for Patrick Wolf's new album, Sundark & Riverlight, and I absolutely refuse to download it, I know it's online somewhere, but I'm waiting for my physical copy to arrive, damn it, see I'm being a responsible fangirl for once?

You will all also have to worship Flawless Queen Adele for her James Bond theme Skyfall, (bought it, love it, will probably build an altar to it, just watch me) and oh my goodness, new Lana Del Rey album in November? I am so on board with that. If we're getting a proper version of Serial Killer I might actually faint from goodness. Yes, really.

Had a long talk with a long-distant friend last week, which was really pretty phenomenal, such a fantastic experience, really. We talked a lot about writing, which was something I realized later that I had needed to, because she doesn't know me, anymore, she doesn't know how I write, what I write for and why I write. And it was pretty amazing to just speak about my writing and she doesn't know what I put into the characters and why they feel the way they do. It was very humbling and freeing, somehow both at once. Very difficult to explain, but trust me when I say it was just that.

At the end of this, I'll just leave you with this and I will go write a bit.

Tchüss <3
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My god, I just remember being 17 and still being such a damn mess, and thinking I was smarter than anyone else and being such a little shit in general, such a smartass and being miserable and angry and god, seventeen, and... still in the vestiges of a really shitty time of my life, and it wasn't even that I felt like no one understood me, because that wasn't it, I was just in a really shitty place. And then that year this song came out and I just. I was a sobbing mess then and I still tear up. I have never cared how many people hate this band, they will always be precious to me.


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