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Thursday Admin ("or "NAMIDA HORORI")

This is the kind of post that only happens when I'm ill because a) I'm indisposed of doing anything productive with writing since my brain is mush, b) I'm not indisposed enough, which leads to c) I have too much free time recovering so I lurk around lj too much.

So, because I lurk around too much, I've done a friends cut, since, eh, there were a lot of people I haven't exchanged words with since friending happened? Or we just haven't spoken in a really long time? I'm so sorry, but. Sorry? No hard feelings? If you feel like I'm a stupid, stupid thing because d'uh, we talk all the time, please tell me in a nice and friendly manner?

(Feel free to lavish praise onto Gati because she is the genius behind my two new icons, this one being one of them. Best soulmate in the world <3)

I spent most of last week at work, I'm not even kidding, for someone who's only supposed to work there part time, I sure spend a lot of time there. And because we have not two, not three, but four guys with the same name, conversations like these happen fairly often:

Me: So, K said-
Co-worker 1: K who? Tiny K?
Me: No, weird K. So he said-

Co-worker 2: I don't know, you'll have to ask K about it.
Me: Which K? Old K?
Co-worker 2: No, K T.

Me: And in the end I got K to take my shift.
Co-worker 3: Weird K?
Me: No, tiny K.

Yeah, so that's what happens. We also organized a treasure hunt for one of my co-workers and oh the hilarity. However, last week in itself was a very special brand of hell with a lot of assignments, a lot of work and a truly ridiculous tiny amount of sleep, and it all culminated with me going down Monday night with the flu. So that was fun. Again, I'm terrible at being ill, I'm terrible at being idle. Please someone hand me something to do. So I watched Arafes yesterday, which I stand firm on being a huge influence on my actually rather remarkable improvement. Downside of getting better? My stomach is letting me know its varying degrees of dissatisfaction of me not feeding it what it wants all the time - for the past 24 hours I've been living on a mix of water, steamed fish and melon, and right now, a beef sounds really heavenly even though that is probably not the smartest idea. Baby steps!

Recovering is greatly helped along by Gati, who continues to be the most flawless being in the universe. Lots of tea for me, and also a truly beautiful book full of recipes of cakes and other very delicious pieces of bakery and I can't wait to try them all out <3 Also, she got me the Limited A Edition of the Truth/Kaze no Mukou E single sakdhskgdskd /dies of happiness.

Calling/Breathless! Arashi has the audacity to always do truly great things when I'm incapable of fangirling properly - case in point being Music Station where I was at work. /grumbles. It turned into me watching it very early Saturday morning and I flailed. Also, it needs to be said, that while everyone were busy flailing at Arashi, I was also busy flailing over Perfume even though I preferred their performance from the other day, but Mirai no Museum continues to be flawless and cute as hell. But anyway, back to the boys. I am liking Calling a lot more than I expected - the first time I listened to the previews I liked Breathless better, but then I watched episode 3 of Last Hope and kind of got the good kind of shivers when Calling started and now I think I prefer Calling. Also, Nino's solo in Breathless makes me giggle for some reason, his voice is so hit and miss for me, and this time it's just. Sorry Nino, sorry Nino stans, his voice this time is a miss for me.

However, both songs are excellent examples of my affectionate name Ohno & Friends for Dream, because really, his voice is turned up everywhere in these songs and I agree with that so hard. He needs to have all the solos in the world like yesterday. Chop chop. Also, two new PVs for me to screencap! I will hopefully do them tomorrow and then I roughly only need All or Nothing which will be a test of patience, because I think it's probably one of the worst PVs in the history of bad PVs, and I say that in knowing the history of the Danish music scene. Tamagotchi had a video, okay. It also really surprises me that neither of those videos are for an Ohno drama, since Ohno normally is the one who gets the "darker" themes. Not complaining, I like this type of music from the boys. And Gati told me that people were complaining that these songs sounded like J-rock. Complaining? Excuse me for not seeing the problem, J-rock is awesome. And when will fandom learn that liking something doesn't mean that you have to hate everything else?

For all of today I've been rewatching Ryusei no Kizuna, and man, I am so glad I've watched it before because the pretty from all fronts is seriously distracting this time around, the amount of Nino's and Ryo's pretty is ridiculous. I kind of hate them both a bit, Nino's hair alone is worthy of an altar for worshipping, ugh, everything he does in this drama is perfection. Also, weird to see Toda Erika with meat on her bones, she looked particularly gorgeous in that drama (and also in the PV for Orion *w*), but good for her if she looks like she wants now <3. Unless someone told her to lose weight, in which case that someone needs to get their ass kicked >:(

So thoughts while watching RnK:
- Orion still makes me bawl
- Nino is still a gorgeous fucker
- Ryo is still prettier than what should be allowed
- Beautiful Days is still a gorgeous song
- Koichi remains the perfect, perfect creep and remains charming while creeping
- Takayama/Delusional Chief Clerk/Post-It Guy goes down in history as fabulous

So all in all: Still a flawless drama. And I really need to write more Enomoto/Koichi.

How are you all, you gorgeous people?. I feel like everyone is a bit busy these days?

I will now roll back to the couch and watch more RnK. And possibly hate Nino some more.

/hugs everyone

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