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To all the fic writing/reading part of fandom(s)! No matter if you're writing or just enjoying reading!

So let's go straight to it. It's discussion time!

Point of discussion #1
Porn. No well, sort of. Actually, it's about contraception in fics. I think about it every time I read a fic and every time I write about it - do you guys care whether or not the guys use condoms? I mean, if I'm reading a getting together fic (which, honestly, every fandom in existence has a truckload of) it irks me if the guys don't use condoms (of course, requiring the fic is set in a time where they actually exist). I know that some people have not using contraception as a kink, and it can work for me in some specific settings, but generally, I like my smut realistic. Also, pregnancy and STDs are not attractive. I just feel that generally in fics it is a bit of an overlooked aspect, and I am a little torn between thinking that either people don't care about it, they lack sex ed or they just like it in fics.

Can anyone enlighten me? Do people genuinely not know how blowjobs can also give STDs, how girls can still get pregnant even if the guy pulls out before orgasm? (Not that I read much het fic xD). And the blowjob issue does raise (har har) another question: do you guys find it sexy even if they use a condom for oral sex? I am all for no condom if all participants have been tested for STDs more than once, but again, do you care about it or is it just "it's fic, don't be so serious"? I genuinely don't know, I'm not shaming anyone who has unprotected sex as a kink, to each their own, I'm just really, really curious. And also, unsanitary issues, I'm a bit of a freak with that, but I do try to tone it down, I realize I'm a bit extreme in that aspect.

Also PWP vs. classy porn aka. porn with feelings?

Also, for those of you who write smut - whenever you use the word "hard" unrelated to sex, do you pause and consider if there is another word? My BFF does, I'm really amused xD Mature, I know. So some of the words really do have different connotations now. Do you have any of those words?

ETA: Oh, what do you know, I'm actually sort of thinking about relevant topics this time!

Point of discussion #2
OOC in fics.

RPF is a bit of a grey area, isn't it? Let's face it, no matter how much we may feel that we know the persons, they remain characters on our pages, we have no way of knowing how they react in certain situations, we can only imagine. I think it's easier with fictional characters, they don't entirely contain the same unknown factor as RPF does, but how do you guard yourself against the worst OOC? Subjectively, yes. I mean, I think we all agree than dimwit!Ohno, airhead!Aiba, Keio!Sho, fashion-guru-bitchy!Jun and cheapskate/brat!Nino have been done to death. Yes, certain elements might be there, but the exaggerated stereotypical roles are one dimensional and boring, and while, again, it's completely subjective, I would hope that multi-faceted, fully developed characters are better received and appreciated than flat characters. I'm not saying that my portrayal of the characters is precise, because my stuff has been pretty OOC at times, but I strive to make them fit as well as I can to the picture I have of them in my mind. It's a tightrope, sometimes, admittedly, because what I may think about them might not accurately come across with words - do they fall flat when I try to write them? Do other people read them completely differently to how I intended it?

How do you best like the boys as characters?

I do my best. Also, it helps me to think of them as characters. I am a bit squicky in general about RPF/RPS, but really, we don't know they are. We know what they are - they are idols, they are singers, actors, goof balls by profession, but who they are? I have no clue. I just try my best.

Point of Discussion #3
Slightly related to #2 - how do you feel about characters being in character when they insult each other/people in general? I really, really dislike anyone, (but I guess it's mostly Nino in fics) insulting Jun wth "princess" or other words implying being a woman is offensive, weak or prissy (or other crap). My stance on this is much more vehement now than it was years ago, but we change, and this is just something I'm feeling really strongly about. I've even written things in Muses that irks me a bit now if I think about it too much. I'll give you the example in question:

In "A thousand years of poetry", Nino has taken a picture of Ohno holding his niece and he has sent it to Jun. Then this transpires:

“I demand to see the picture,” Aiba said over lunch the next day. “Jun-kun swears he spontaneously grew ovaries when he saw it.”

Sho choked on his food.

“Don’t kill Sho-chan,” Nino said. “And don’t be silly. Jun already has ovaries.”

It irks me - and it doesn't. Jun said it himself first - he spontaneously grew ovaries because that is the fantastic thing a female body is capable of - creating life. He means it in a "I really want a kid"-way. If he had ovaries, he'd have gotten pregnant from wishing and looking at that picture full of adorableness. Then, Nino implies that Jun already is a woman - which. Nino. Nino is tactless, we all are, but here it's me and I'm genuinely not trying to be too sensitive, but if I'd written it now, I might not have worded it like that. I'll continue being thoughtlessly tactless, but I'll try my best. No one called me out on the ovaries remark, though, I'm pretty sure it's just me reading too much into things. Again, subjectively. Also, it depends somewhat on how it's said. I guess I thought then that it was more of a fond, half-hearted jab that they all knew was bullshit anyway. I don't know. This might not irk me at all tomorrow. Or feel free to tell me I'm too sensitive. Normally I'd be all for "take a chill pill, we know, idiot", but I don't know. As long as I know that I am not implying that being a woman is offensive or wrong or anything like it, I'm sure I'll be fine with it.

Same goes for swear words - which words offend you? Fuck? I feel like fuck has been desensitized by now. Asshole? Would you rather the characters don't swear at all? Is it in character to swear? I swear like a sailor on a daily basis, I'm pretty difficult to offend with swear words.


And if people start telling me I contradict myself at times, I might have to fight very ardently to resist the urge of banging my head into a wall, I'm well aware that I don't always make sense, not even to myself. I try. And fuck up. But I try.

But, this leads me to ----

Point of discussion #4
Pet names

Admittedly, I am not much for too many endearments. Depending on the fandom, though. In Arashi fics, I will probably stav my eyes out with a dull spoon if they start calling each other "sweetheart", "honey" or anything like that, but perhaps that's because it's sort of built into the Japanese language and culture how intimacy is shown with how they use their given names and the suffixes? It doesn't feel right. I don't know, I've never been fond of it. I don't even know how to explain it without coming of as a) incredibly weird, b) an ass or c) both. I'm fine with it in other fandoms, i.e. Glee, but. I don't know. How do you guys feel about it?

...I think that's it. Rest assured I will be back to haunt you all with more questions. Also, thank you so much for you all humoring me the least time I went all ~*introspective*~ on you regarding comments and writing in correlation, it was fabulous and very enlightening, and I know I suck at commenting and replying :(

/hugs everyone ♥
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