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Hello hello, you lovely lot, oh my goodness, life happens!

Happy belated New Year, everyone, I hope you all got through with all fingers and other body parts intact!

I've gotten some really lovely messages the past few days(♥), and yes, I'm alive, just cramming for exams, passing exams, working like crazy and trying my very best to have some semblance of life besides all that. Work this weekend was hectic, chaotic and intense - January sales have truly started. Why never in the stores I want to pillage? But I digress, I meant to thank everyone for lovely messages and comments and I will get to them, I'm sorry for the snail's pace I'm working at at the moment! I know I owe a ton of messages, I'm sorry!

I've gotten my filthy paws on a new netbook as well, so I probably won't get any writing done until that one has been set up completely. I seriously can't wait to use a computer that doesn't need to be charged all the time!

I also got my Arafes DVD, which I will watch and flail over the minute Gati gets hers!

As I mentioned three sentences in, January sales have started, and customers this weekend were a bit crazy with it, which ensured that I had my share of crazies. I especially enjoyed a conversation with a woman, who wanted to buy a 16GB USB stick:

Customer: That's... it? It's rather small, isn't it?
Rikke: Yes, it is, but I assure you, all 16GB are there.
Customer: Are you sure?
Rikke: Quite.
Customer: But how?
Rikke: ...because that's a 16GB stick? It says so on the box, I'm sorry, I can't unpack it for you unless you're sure to buy it.
Customer: Why not?
Rikke: If I break the seal, I can't sell it.
Customer: So you're sure all 16GB are there?
Rikke: You're free to count them when you get home.
Customer: Really?
Rikke: (/mentally facepalming at this point) If you buy it and you're dissatisfied with the product, you can come back and claim it defective.
Customer: Oh, nice. But how do I open it?
Rikke: (/trying to strangle snickering co-worker and trying not to sound exasperated) Right at the middle. Where it says "pull".
Customer: Oh I see. It's rather small, isn't it?
Rikke: ....
Customer: Okay, yes, thank you!
Rikke: You can just bring it to the check out line.
Coworkers: /exploding

And the guy with the Nokia.

Customer: Do you guys have the Nokia Pio Mio?
Rikke: /blinks ...I'm sorry, come again?
Customer: The Nokia Pio Mio?
Rikke: I haven't heard about it, we don't have it here. I'm sorry, I'll check it online for you?
Customer: /waits
Coworker: What's up?
Rikke: Have you heard of a Nokia Pio Mio?
Coworker: /blinks
Coworker: A what? /starts giggling
Rikke: Pio Mio. /tries not to giggle
Customer: It's really new! I though the Pio Mio name was really cute!
Coworker and Rikke exchange glances
Rikke: /tries really hard not to laugh
Rikke: /gets idea
Rikke to coworker: Maybe he means the PureView one? The 808?
Coworker: Possibly. /snickering into sleeve
Rikke: Do you mean this one, sir? /turns screen
Customer: Yes, that's exactly it!
Rikke: Well, we don't have the Pio Mio in our store or at the website either, I'm sorry.
Coworker: /has to leave because of imminent death by attempt to smother laughter
Customer: Oh okay, but thank you for the help! /leaves

We all just started laughing really hard when he left, I really didn't want to correct him, he was such a nice older man set in his ways xD

I hope you all are having a good January <3<3<3
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