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This is primarily going to be a "Rikke worships music"-post, ye be warned.

I chose to do my readings at home today because my teacher decided that we were going to discuss the text in groups. I'd rather carve my eyes out with a dull spoon than do group readings, oh my god, you'd think we were part of a large collective holding hands and singing kumbaya. I'm not a group person, okay.

Anyway I got finished in record time once I got Paddy out of the chair and now I'm free to fic for the next three hours, so awesomeness all around, piece three of Muses is on, bitches.

I got my dad to listen to Elbow, which he turns out not to be completely averse to, much to my delight. We've had The Seldom Seen Kid on repeat all morning, so I count that as a win. Perhaps the fact that there's some Gerschwin thrown in at the end of The Bones Of You has a little something to do with it. You guys, I haven't really listened to this album since 2008, the crying and burning shame. If you guys want awesome, creative music, check out Elbow, because they're worth it /end L'Oreal commercial. It also made me extremely happy to see a Glee fic called "The Bones Of You" because I'm easy to please like that.

The Bones Of You has very strange, almost eccentric lyrics by first listen, but they're extremely heartbreaking.
"But image on image like beads on a rosary
Pulled through my head as the music takes hold
And the sickener hits; I can work till I break
But I love the bones of you that I will never escape

Speaking of other awesome music that you all need to worship a ton, I'll mention Cold War Kids with "Hang Me Up To Dry"

Mew with "The Zookeeper's Boy"

Fun. (oh my god, even if that band has apparently been monopolized by effing hipsters these days and ksdfkshfks we all know how I feel about those damn hipsters) with "Stars", because "We Are Young" has been played to death and truthfully doesn't hold a candle to the awesomeness of "Stars".

Young The Giant (because they were awesome before Glee, will continue to be awesome after Glee, and will forever be awesome-r than Glee, deal with it) with "Cough Syrup" even if "My Body" is better, but w/e.

Patrick Wolf (because he forever slays all your favourites with voice and creativity and the fact that he actually has a personality) with "Time Of My Life". "Time Of My Life" is such a phenomenal song that I have many ~*feelings*~ about, so I will just say. Listen.

Nephew, with "Police Bells and Church Sirens", a band I've been a rabid fan of for years - the concert at Roskilde Festival on 07.07.07 was the best I've ever been to.

Fallulah with "I Lay My Head"

Oh Land with "Speak Out Now"

Agnes Obel with "Riverside"

And lastly, The Storm with "Lost In The Fire"

Shameless plugging, yes, I have no regrets, none at all.

Check them all out, I will personally compile whole playlists for y'all.

I have some riding to do later, Palermo, Sir and Zaturn, so I'll probably be more or less dead by the time I get back, but I'm pretty sure it'll be awesome anyway.

Date: 2012-04-24 03:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] calerine.livejournal.com
MUSIIIIIIIIIC. Have to go to bed now. Will gobble when ALIVE AGAIN


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